I am a pro marijuana/soft drugs guy. The photo above is a large part of exactly WHY i am pro-legalization.

One of my big reasons is, I could not find a legal drug that is as harmless as cannabis. Even when you start at the very bottom of the ladder!

-Caffeine (addictive, can overdose)

– Alcohol (VERY addictive, can overdose)

– Tabacco (addictive, very destructive to health over the long term. Can overdose)

– Various over the counter medications (See photo)

– Various prescription meds (see photo)

And one of the funniest things to me about the whole situation, is that there are many anti-legalization people that partake in various combinations of the above “legal” drugs. Likely because of previous misconceptions and beliefs from dishonest school drug education programs and parents, but no less hypocritical. A part of me is inclined to put them in the same category as the religious, but there’s a reason I won’t.

Most christians and theists with a web presence and a desire to “spread the word”, have run into folks like me, the ATHEISTS. Haha.

And they usually run from our groups with there tails between there legs. And censor us in there groups, and kick our heathen asses out when we misbehave (aka, ask questions. lol). And when not in control of content, they use the report button and cause all kinds of irritation and annoyance. Ive been forum surfing FB for the last 5 or so years, and I know many of the tricks of the fundaMENTAList pain in the asses.

But that’s another entry . . .

In any case, theists have many people questioning there thoughtless assertions regarding there chosen brand of god. Online the conversations are all over the place, and not hard to find. But honest and factual drug conversation, is a different story. Which is why I am not quick to put the anti-drug folks in with the theists.

If there is one thing I want to bring up on this topic (that I don’t often get to elsewhere, because of prying eyes), its the amount of HARM police do by riding the streets of green. At different times over the years, I have been around people calling around for some ganja. And many of these times, I heard “I have no green, this town is dry right now. But I do have snow, or rock”.

Yes. The police got the cannabis off the streets and kept it out of the hands of stoners and kids alike. Only NOW, since a business man sells anything he has to make a profit, they have now possibly driven the kids to moving UP the ladder, and possibly trying something a WHOLE lot more dangerous.

And to a degree, we see a form of this, when you hear the harm/deaths associated with things like “synthetic marijuana” or “bath salts”. Im shooting in the dark here (I admit), but im thinking its one of 2 things:

a.) weed is hard to get


b.) They have been taught that illegal = BAD, and automatically assume that legal = good (the stuff can be purchased almost anywhere! Its easy to think someone young would assume it harmless)

One can not have a post like this without referencing Alcohol prohibition. That worked so well, that it stayed on the books. Right?

Which brings us to the demand aspect. Even though the LAW said no alcohol, the consumer demand does not dwindle and die. It looks for another source. To which the underworld happily filled, reaping all the illegal (tax free!) profits, and left the public (tax payers!) to deal with the increased crime rates associated with enabling a criminal racket. And when you give a crime ring more money, they get more powerful.

We seen it then. We see it now. All you have to do is look to the state of Mexico at the moment.

And then there is the financials.

At the moment, gov’ts world wide waste BILLIONS of dollars, resources (and at times) lives, trying to fight an UN-winnable battle against weed. In a period when every penny counts, were still throwing money at people to use expensive whack-a-mole techniques to chop a twig off the tree. Its like using a bucket to drain Lake Superior.

Which is stupid, when you consider that with the right legislation, marijuana could be a VERY profitable cash crop the world over. If handled and sold in the same ways we already sell alcohol and tobacco, the possibilities for the economy are HUGE.

Imagine if the US began producing its own pot. The first ramification I can see, is the cash flow to the cartel would quickly dry up. The 2ed, is the drug would become harder to get by young people, as it would be sold in the same way as alcohol/tabbaco/other legal narcotics. And it would take a HUGE burden off of law enforcement, allowing them to concentrate on getting that drugs that really DO harm or kill people (Crack, cocain, meth ect) off the streets.

Someday, it could happen. But it won’t, unless we spread the truth about Marijuana. Dispel rampant misconceptions.

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