Yesterday before work, I found myself watching “Church of the Rock”, a televised church service out of Winnipeg. Which is odd, because as an atheist, I do not watch such things (the DVR was on that channel due to a recording the night before). And so I was about to change the channel when I looked into the topic the pastor was discussing, which was, expectations.

The main idea being, those with the biggest expectations, are often going to be those with the biggest disappointments. As well, those who do not learn to move past the disappointments, let them put you on a different course, will end up eventually hitting a wall, unable to move forward.

The pastor used the Titanic as an analogy for the demonstration. Think of your self (and your life) as a ship, and think of the iceberg (or icebergs) in the water around you, as the disappointments in your life. Disappointments are an inevitable part of life, we all must live with them.  It is how we move PAST them, that makes a big difference in our lives.

When you hit the iceberg of disappointment, you have 2 options:

1.) Take the blow, but allow it to steer you onto a new trajectory or path. Though you do not know what lies ahead, you can be assured the past danger is behind you.

2.) Take the blow, but not do anything (the path of least resistance?). Stay on the same path, even though it’s almost assured to be a path to rock bottom. The Titanic option.

I thought it was great, because it more or less, fits my life. Pretty much everything I bitch and moan about currently, and have bitched and moaned about in the past, comes down to that simple word, expectations. The main 2 being, people not acting as I expect them to, and things not happening the way we expected them to.

The Obama meme above is a perfect example. In 2008, the world expected that they just voted in a black Jesus Christ (even I had high hopes. Really, who DIDN’T?). Considering the world had just survived though 8 years of Bushwhacker, who could blame the majority for wanting a new face, and expecting a BIG change.

Unfortunately, all we got was, Barack Obama.

A man who as it turns out, is just as susceptible to human flaws as the rest of us. We expected a lot and got very little. Don’t get my wrong, the last 4/5 years have not all been at a standstill, the US has made progress in a few areas thanks to the president. But in terms of the BIG picture, not a whole lot has changed.

Old allies just found a new friend. The party of GREEN, speaks louder than the parties of Red OR Blue.


Now, we are right to be disappointed. When you promising the world to your voters in the time before voting day, and deliver very little, your followers have the right to be pissed.

Oh, I know the assholes on the other side of the aisle did all they could to play the sore loser, and tie your parties hands, ensure ing the country went NOWHERE (something that in my mind, should be labelled as TREASON), but at the same time, all the blame can not be put on Red shoulders. There are one commander and chief, and not all change MUST go through the political playpen of the land.

And I know, you tried to reach out to the other side whenever you could, listened and tried to co-operate. But when they say “FUCK YOU!”  time and time again, with the repercussions of there childishness affecting millions (including YOUR voters), there must be a time when you say “No, FUCK YOU!”, and do what you were voted in to do . . . . . . . . KICK SOME REPUBLICAN ASS!

There is still time, and I am still hopeful for the people of the US (and the world, since American politics has repercussions worldwide) that you will clean up your act.


Become the Rambo Jesus we wanted, that shows a big ole middle finger to the NRA, minority gun nuts, and all others that stand in the way of progress in America.

But, back on the subject of expectations. When it comes to our collective disappointment with the current president-elect, indeed, a part of the blame lies with him. There is much that he could change, but due to whatever circumstances, he appears to take the easy (or normal) route, and not do it. Not give the boat the rocking it badly needs.

Yet at the same time, it was us, that placed him on such a high pedestal in the first place. Even if it was relatively easy to do so after 8 years of Bush, and seeing pretty much a carbon copy in the running opposition, it was still us, that inflated expectations.  And as such, our disappointment is partially our own fault.

Which in turn, also applies to our personal lives. Big expectations can be a good thing, but it seems that more often than not, they just lead to big disappointments (this applies to me anyway).

People are the best example when it comes to having an almost 100% success rate of NOT meeting your personal expectations of them. And there are other such situations, unique to each of our lives, that are more or less, the same way. It is in these situations, that we must learn to lower our expectations, in order to not be burnt as bad, when they almost inevitably will blow up in our faces.

One of my values that I try to follow in life is acceptance of others for who they are, and to treat people as I would want them to treat me. And I have the unspoken expectation, that people should be the same towards me.

Unfortunately, years of experience have told me, that people often do not act so well mannered.

When they feel they have the upper hand on you (for example, in a bullying situation, or in a  customer service situation), many feel the rules of courtesy that they use towards those close to them, do not apply to you. In situations where they feel YOU have more to lose than them (such as your job, or the threat of harm, from a bully), people can get downright nasty.

Though this behaviour is unacceptable and should be stomped out by establishments (as opposed to “The Customer is Always Right”, which is what breeds these people), I have to stop expecting everyone to be, me.

Funny how so much could come out of watching 10 or 15 minutes of televised church.

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