An Unfaithful Dream

Yesterday I had a strange dream.

I dreamed, that I was IN the Rihanna video for Unfaithful (like I was in the same room watching, that type of thing). I don’t know if my dream followed the actual music video (I don’t recall ever seeing it, not surprising, as its not my genre), but I remember the song playing in the background. It was in a bright white kitchen, Rihanna (0r some girl lol) was dressed in white, singing. And there was an orange tub of Parkey Margarine sitting on the counter.

I remember thinking, thats new, AND a weird product placement.

Then I woke up, with the song still on the brain.

The funny thing is I haven’t heard the song in 4 or 5 years. Me thinks, my brain is telling me I need a vacation. As  I work at a grocery store, which im often stocking dairy (margarine!) and they play a couple Rihanna songs in the daily never changing song rotation (though I don’t think they have ever played unfaithful).

Or it could be my brain fucking with me, since I have Parkey in the fridge.

Gotta love dreams.

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