The Revenge Season 2 Finale – Is It A Glimpse To a Possible Future? (Cyber Warfare)


Ill be honest, I love Revenge. Most of the stories of hardship and suffering, as viewed in TV shows and movies, end in forgiveness and happiness. Revenge, as said by the name, takes the OTHER path. Which makes for a very interesting show.

For those new to the series, the story line of the series, pretty much revolves around Amanda Clark returning to the Hampton’s (Incognito), to clear her fathers name and avenge his death.  The story goes, that when Amanda was a little girl, her father was framed for crimes he did not commit, and jailed, whilst Amanda grew up in Juvi. You can find a brief  description of the serious  HERE.

The 2 things that kept drawing me in episode after episode, were the many unexpected plot twists, and the absolute sincerity shown by  almost every character in there given role in the series (My favorites being Emily/Amanda (of course!), Nolan and Conrad Grayson). Though those are my top 3 favorites (Conrad gets my vote as most brilliantly portrayed character in the show), the whole cast does an amazing  job.

But, back to the subject of this entry, the S02 finale. Though I admit season 2 was a bit dry (in comparison to the first), the finale KICKED ASS. Between the superb acting on the part of the cast in its entirety, AND all the new twists and turns I had never even DREAMED of, im stoked for Fall lol.

But, back to the core subject of this blog post (if your familiar to the series, you know what happens. If your not, im guessing u don’t care anyway).

In the start of the finale (as well as the tail end of the previous episode), we witness the Whole of NYC, Long Island and (presumably) a good chunk of the east coast, mysteriously going dark. And simultaneously, all the communications grids in the affected area (internet, cellular, landline), also go down. The downtime is portrayed to be about 5 or 6 hours, until everything mysteriously comes back to life again (with some “lingering” affects, such as static during cell phone  calls. Something I question now, because most digital phones don’t have analog static. But I digress . . .).

In any case, the whole matter is tracked back to a “cyber attack” on critical infrastructure,  which is pinned on character Nolan Ross at the end of the episode (Nolan being the new David Clark, as opposed to Aiden, surprised me!).

This is the part im focused on. Cyber attack.

Though it is indeed, easy to black out the whole of the east coast in a fictional TV series, you have to wonder, if such a maneuver would be possible in real life. Maybe not for the purpose of making a profit for a few corporate fat cats (aka, the premise for much of Revenge). But for many other reasons, from terrorism to someone just fucking around with what they shouldn’t.

In the day and age, where were finding more and more of our critical infrastructure “plugged in”, and at times not even MINIMALLY secured (as proven recently by someone running a pretty much internet wide security test on many devices connected to it), one should wonder.

One thing someone should also be considering, is if some infrastructure (such as energy grids) even NEED to be connected to the internet. Why are they on there in the first place?

Consider that 9/11 had an impact of just over 3000 people. But should someone take control of a critical system of a city (say, water supply), imagine the possibilities THEN.

Its not something I will lose sleep over. But in an increasingly hostile world, a world that becomes more and more digitalized with each passing day, it be wise to be on guard on all fronts.

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