Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement

When it comes to celebrity endorsements of a product, they do not really have any effect on my purchasing decisions. Neither do other sneaky tactics, such as having the product featured in a popular TV show (Coke, Redbull, Figi water, I’m onto you!).

And I really have no issue with most celebrity endorsements, period.  It does scream “sell-out”, but who am I to judge (a dollar earned is a dollar earned).

But I draw the line with the NOS and GSP partnership.

When it comes to brand marketing, for NOS (Coke?) it’s a brilliant strategy. The young male demographic of UFC and MMA fans do drink a fair amount of energy drinks (just from seeing those around me), so utilizing one of the most popular people within that Niche, is a smart business move.

Now I should admit, I drink energy drinks from time to time, so I’m not flat out AGAINST them. I have drunk NOS, but it’s not my favourite (and I certainly don’t drink it because of the in-store GSP promo. I’m not even a fan of MMA truth be told).

When I drink them, I understand that there are risks involved, thereby NO means healthy. This is why I have to question if George St Pierre REALLY drinks these things.

I don’t work out, but if I were to choose a beverage to consume before OR after, it certainly would NOT be an energy drink. This is why I question this “premiss” were being sold.

If the answer is yes, fine. But if the answer is no, I have to question integrity.

It’s like when I worked at a C-Store, and I would meet the cigar/cigarette/smokeless tobacco company reps up selling their product to customers (mainly users of their products, obviously). I had no problem if I knew they were users of their own product.

But not so much, if they did not. Why are you willing to sell this to another human being, if you’re not willing to use the said product yourself?

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