What Would You Choose?

This is a bit of a, shall we say, experiment of thought. As I was making my way home from work today, I had this interesting premise go though my mind.

First of all, how many of you are living lives that you are not happy with? More so, how many of you are living lives that are shaped partly or fully, by negative events in your distant (or maybe, not so distant) past? Have you ever considered, the possible alternatives you could have taken, instead of the path you chose? If given the chance, would you have done anything differently?

As I walked home, I threw around an interesting concept in my mind. I didn’t consider HOW one would end up running into this concept, so ill make one up.

Say, your in an antique shop, and you see an old teapot on the shelf. The teapot is old and dusty, but it has character. So you purchase it and bring it home.

At home, you pop the lid off the teapot in order to wash it out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and out pops a Genie.


This is no ordinary Genie. He can not grant you wishes. But he has the power, to help you do the impossible. He can help you change your past.

He reads your (or for the entry, MY) mind.

He discovers that you feel you are in the position you are in today, because of mistakes made in high school. He also discovers that the mistakes go further back then that, all the way to grade school.

With this considered, he gives you 3 options.


You will remain in the same stage in life (aka the same age), but you will have your current past erased, and replaced with a better one (one that is ideal to you). You will not live it out, but you will have all the benefits of it (such as knowledge learned and memories “lived”) to aid you in your current life.

And your current life, will reflect your past (it will be better).


You can go back.

ALL the way back, to the point  just before what you feel is, the very  first bad decision you made. The one that started you on the pathway to where you are today. And then its up to you, to change the course of your own destiny.


Do nothing. Remain the same person, past and present intact.

What would you choose?

One thought on “What Would You Choose?

  1. Insightful post… I am unsure if I would do anything as my past makes me who I am but perhaps #2 would be a nice way to avoid the mistakes I made, but I wouldn’t avoid all mistakes. A perfect life is no fun!


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