Atheist Suicide Bomber Kills Eighteen Agnostics

Atheist Suicide Bomber Kills Eighteen Agnostics

 STOCKHOLM -In a frightening display of rising sectarian violence, an atheist suicide bomber blew himself up on a busy street in Stockholm three days ago; killing eighteen agnostics and wounding over thirty.  Members of the ‘Swedish Atheistic Liberation Front’ (SALF) have claimed responsibility for the bombing. Declaring the attack as revenge against the explosive agnostic riots, which, last week, hospitalized several atheists and terrorized the atheistic community.

Swedish authorities have so far failed stem the rising levels of violence and growing sectarian divide. The prime minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt, himself an agnostic, strongly condemned the attack, yet also called for restraint among the broader agnostic community.  In an impromptu speech, the prime minister called on agnostics to not contribute to the violence, or launch vengeful vigilante attacks, saying that the proper authorities would see justice done.

Yet Mr. Reinfeldt’s message seems to be falling on deaf ears, prominent agnostic leaders and bloggers have already began urging retaliatory attacks in what is an ominous sign for the future of sectarian violence in Sweden. Sectarian divisions and violence have been increasing ever since the breakdown in talks between the mostly agnostic Government and the violently separatist SALF.

SALF, and the atheists they claim to represent, believe that there is no god, agnostics believe that there may not be a god. To outsiders, this difference in doctrine seems almost irrelevant; to believers it is a question of life or death. Therefore, such a small difference in doctrine can create such explosive hatreds, divisions and violence.

The spiraling violence has already purged once religiously diverse neighborhoods into homogenous sectarian strongholds of either atheists or agnostics. Strongholds, which, since the latest SALF terrorism, have begun exchanging nightly mortar fire in the escalating conflict that Swedish authorities seem unable to contain.

So far the United Nations response has been limited to broad condemnations of the violence from both sides; while Norway and Finland have been preparing for an influx of refugees and planning for the creation of possible peacekeeping buffer zones within Sweden in case the rising violence transforms into the civil war many expect. The United States, afraid of being embroiled in a long intractable conflict, have confined their involvement to verbal support for moderates on both sides of the sectarian divide. At this point, all one can do is put in concentrated thought that Sweden’s Atheists and Agnostics can reconcile before civil war breaks out and, together, realize the dream of one united Sweden.

Will Thatcher

Senior Editor Of The Lapine

We have all heard of religious violence before today.

Though Islam is likley to pop into the forefront of your mind upon reading that, we must not forget, that it is not the only guilty religion (just the most well known). Even such seemingly “peaceful” religions as Buddhism, have there fanatics.

When it comes to “justification” for religious violence, most of it can be traced to the holy texts and scriptures of the said religion. Either directly stating that nothing is to be tolerated except for the path provided by IT (be it the Bible, Koran, Tarah or other). Or by way of human interpretation. You know, my book says IM right, therefore you are wrong.

Though not right, this “justification” can be dangerous, because of the possible repercussions one can face for simply, not choosing the “God” of someone else’s choice.

What you see above (just after the article quote), is the beginnings of my “response” to this story.

It has come to my attention, however, that I have fallen for the trickery of clever satire. Google tells me that The Lapine, is Canada’s answer to The Onion.

Let that be a lesson. A lesson that I forgot from one of my previous entry’s in fact. Don’t take what people tell you, at face value.

Good job Lapine. Good job.

2 thoughts on “Atheist Suicide Bomber Kills Eighteen Agnostics

  1. Though this is made up, it’s also legit, as yes even atheists/agnostics and deists have done some horrible things in the names of their ideologies. Atheists and agnostcis at war with each other. But then again, during the late 1700’s in in France{for example; as well as else where} atheists, agnostics and deists were at harsh battle with each other, in France during the infamous “terror” in the late 1700”s, atheists were killing theists and atheists and deists were warring with each other for philosophical control of France. This is but one example. Of course, there have been other cases of atheist oppression of non-atheists in the name of atheism in say the OFFICIALLY atheist Stalinist Russia. This goes to show that the so-called “religious” and “theists” are not the only ones who have done horrible shit in the name of their beliefs/views on the god question, so have atheists nd to a lesser extent even agnostics and deists. But this can be chalked up more to a militant anti-theism or a militan pseudo-rationalism on account of atheists, agnostics, and deists{there has never really been any persecution by deists or agnostics mind you, thoughj as mentioned above deists and atheists often did’nt get along and even were persecutive or violent towards each other in the terror in France. And frankly, there is REAL potential for atheists{moreso anti-theists mind you} of the so-called “nu-atheist” movement to return to the ways of their ancestors in France, Russia,etc. I’d say this is true of agnostics and deists too, except that the modern atheist movement is much more vehement in anti-theism and in beeing mean spirited{at least} towards anyone who is not of their ideology than modern deist or agnostic movements..which are more open-minded both towards non-absoltist religions and theism as well as towards atheism, so less potential of persecution by them than by the atheists. So long as people don’t recognize this principle written by Shakespeare in “Macbeth” – “there is more to the universe then is dreampot of in your philosophy Horatio”{parahrased}. Both the traditional revealed religionists/theists and the modern pseudo-skeptic pseudo-rationalists are dangerous in this regard. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle in the shades of grey! 😉


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