Nickelback song kills only specimens of cancer-curing cactus: The death of our last, best hope

This made my day. 🙂

the Schief

The last 342 examples of a precious cancer-curing cactus plants at Berkeley University’s laboratory were found dead yesterday morning, after an entire weekend exposed to the Nickelback song If today was your last day.

The plants were constantly exposed to an internet radio station which played Elvis, The Beatles, Nirvana, REM, the Cure and Rage against the machine amongst others.

‘When I got to the lab in the morning, there they all were, dead. Dead,’ said a visibly distraught Judith Butler, the project head-researcher. .

‘There was an awful sound coming out of the stereo. I turned off the music and stood there, stunned. 24 years of cancer-research down the drown, just like that,’

‘I flipped out. I checked the doors to see if someone had broken in, nothing, No broken windows. I called Doug and he rushed back from an international conference in New York. All the time…

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