Privacy In Todays World

Privacy In Todays World

It has been confirmed recently, that the US government has more access to your private information, then most people feel comfortable with, all for the reason of “fighting terrorism”. I see this as a worthwhile trade off, considering how well it seems to have worked so far.

The thing that amuses me a bit however, is the fact that this surprises some people. That in a day and age of social media and connecting though proxy, people are still “shocked” that the government may have,  *GASP!*, seen/heard some of your “private” conversations.


When you communicate by proxy (the messaging medium is the proxy), the “privacy” is inherently gone. Even though a good part of the time no one will intercept the message or call, you have no way of knowing. And besides that, its hardly worth worrying about most mundane chatter that one has on these mediums. Will the NSA really care about that dinner party your planning?

Granted, there are things that we tell others in confidence, that we would not want others to know about. I have done it, we all have. But even then, your most embarrassing or shameful problem, will likely mean nothing to someone a few thousand miles away who has no connection to you.

The folks who should be worried, are those with something to hide. Like those who committed a crime.

This is not to say that I like (or fully agree with) the thought of having someone somewhere potentially pouring over my “private” digital chatter. Im just saying, the “privacy” ship sank with the invention of the telephone. Potential “skulkers” in online chatter is just a fact of online life.

Something people should be more worried about, is what kind of profile that one could build on you, using what you freely  put in the public domain (social media, anyone?). Have you ever tired Googleing yourself?

You don’t always need to see the “private” stuff, to paint a picture of an individual.

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