Hell – What Would It Be For You?

Maybe the reason im writing this is because im listening to This Godless Endeavor by Nevermore. But either way, I have an interesting challenge for you. What would be your personal hell?

When the term “Hell” comes up, most of us think of the obvious religious “place”. Where all the sinners like you and me, will all perish and burn for eternity, for the harsh crime of,  screwing up in our following of several hundred  giant books of rules. Any one of which could be the WRONG one, but not all of which can be the RIGHT one.

And of course, its a place of “convenience” for people. We have all told people “Oh, go to hell!”. And many use the threat as a soap box for whatever religious dogma there selling you.

But though many use the word, not many (me included), give any thought to, what YOUR OWN personal hell could be.

If it were an eternity of torture, I could easily look at my own life.

On many days, a job in retail can be torturous to even the strongest of people. And im not at all strong, in any sense. Practicly any time I stick my nose out the front the door, is torturous.  But even at 8 hours, the end of the day is always there, no matter what the day had in store.

I can imagine a personal hell, for me, would be an eternal shitty retail shift. Or any such situation, where there is no exit or light at the end of the tunnel in sight (also could be applied to my personal life).

What would this be for you?

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