Parents And Abortion

Since I am on a roll when it comes to Women’s rights today, its time that I tackle a something I just came across recently.

When it comes to the subject of abortion, pretty much everyone has an opinion. Its one of those subjects that tends to be polarizing, as it appeals both on an emotional and a religious level.

I am pro-abortion in the early trimester stages. The “all life is sacred” argument does not fly with me, for the simple reason, that every male that has ever masturbated (or had safe sex), is guilty of abortion. And don’t even get me started on being pro life, yet being a advocate of such policies as “Stand Your Ground” or the death penalty. Not to mention the eating of meat and other animals.

ALL LIFE IS SACRED! Either follow your own rules or shut the fuck up.

In any case, something that I have come across in the past and present, are parents who view the issue based (seemingly) on just the fact that they are parents. They write about the joy of having children, and for that reason alone, abortion is terrible. And by extension, people that have abortions are terrible people.

Frankly, I do not think I will ever be a parent. My whole dating situation aside, I do not see it as wise bringing another life into this already overpopulated and ever more unpredictable planet, both at our AND mother natures hand. Despite this, I have respect for parents for choosing to embrace there parenthood (be it by conscious choice or a sudden unplanned pregnancy).

But while I respect you for embracing your children, at the same time, get off your high horse. Not everyone may be as advantaged as you in life. Not everyone may be able to give there child the same opportunities as you are able to. And not everyone may be ready, or able, to deal with the task of rearing a child in there state of life.

For me, it boils down to this.

The masses with there armchair views on reality, can do the “moral”, “ethical”, “godly” (whatever adjective you want to use) thing and outlaw abortion, and feel good about yourselves.

As a result, someone in the slums of some big city brings a child into the world. They are disadvantaged due to addiction, or some other hindrance, so child services steps in and the child ends up in the foster care system or in a group home. Though these places are supposed to be for the “benefit” of the children, I know enough about them to know that they are a fucking train wreck most of the time.

Some children (such as a close friend) come out the other end at 18 seemingly alright. But the majority come out as criminals. Bad people, as labeled by the majority of Americans (those in favor of “Stand Your Ground” laws anyhow).

So you saved a life by eliminating abortion. But at the same time, you doomed the life, by almost ensuring it a lifetime of hardship and problems. So what did you gain?

You did the feel good reactionary thing of abolishing abortion. But now, these sacred lives, are often now skum, because of poor life experiences, that now lead them into your living room, and at the end of your gun.

Sure, some may say I made a false assumption above, by assuming all people that exit the foster system come out criminals. I will clarify that.

I am not trying to say that ALL entrants into the system come out that way. But it happens. Everyone is born into a different enviroment. But being born into a bad situation, often results in bad choices being made as one grows older.

Abortion, you can take whatever stance you want on it. But in the long term, you have to ask yourself, is this REALLY what is best?

It may feel good to ensure that all children are born. But are you considering the reality of future children, or just going by emotional or religious reasoning’s?

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