A Dream – Edition 3

I just woke from, to say the least, an interesting dream.

in the dream, we (me and I’m unsure who) were traveling somewhere in the US, and we had arrived at an airport. I had found out however, that I could not bring my 3 big bags of chips home on the plane, so I left and ended up in some day camping spot, where I left them.

Next, I found myself in a mall type if place (airport terminal?), looking out a window, watching a storm. Then I seen 2 small incoming twisters, so I ran into the mall and yelled “TORNADO! GET DOWN!”, and dropped flat on my stomach on the floor.

This mall had a huge long glass roof, and I remember seeing the “Tornado’s” gliding harmlessly over it.

And then, I recall somehow seeing one of those plastic bus shelters outside (how, I’m unsure. Its a dream lol). I looked, and I seen it collapsed to the ground, as of being hammered by a down burst.
Then I seen the down burst get stronger, which was when I rolled out of the “Big glass room”, figuring it safer NOT to be under the glass (same applies for tornadoes fyi, though I didn’t follow that lol).

Anyway, this “downburst” was HUGE, in my dream world, it was like a freight train. I then seen a portion of the glass give way in the middle of the room, and heard the cries of people who were still on the floor (being pelted by glass).

I remember panicking and being horrified by what I seen. Then I thought “OMG climate change is entering free fall”.

And I woke up, with the climate change thing still fresh in my mind (it took a couple seconds to realize that the dream wasn’t real lol).

What a strange dream.

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