Wrongful Death Suit – Will The Martin Family Precede?

I just came across an article, which says the Martin family may open a wrongful death case against George Zimmerman. Honestly, i really hope they do. No matter what the outcome, let them exhaust all there legal options.

This sounds like “double jeopardy“, but it does not apply, because the previous trial was in criminal court, where as this is going though civil court.

In the article I read however, Zimmerman’s brother warned the family, that should they precede with the case, some “unflattering” details about Trayvon’s past may come out.
I want to comment on that.

I knew Trayvon had a past, it does not surprise me. Shit happens.

But no matter who had the past of “criminal” behavier, and who had a seemingly “clean” record, the facts don’t change.

One was armed, one was not. Hopefully people see that, and not the false smoke screen that is past details.

If everyone were judged by there past acts, we would all be guilty.

It be one thing if they both had weapons. BUT THEY DIDN’T.

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