This is another forgotten piece of mine, that’s been floating around the depths of my hard drive, undiscovered until now. I think this was written for a facebook forum entry, but im not completely sure.

Either way, you may find it interesting.

It occurs to me that there are 2 different kinds of people in our world. There are those that live, and those that exist.

Those that are alive, are like the spectators at a concert. Life is there concert, and they make the most out of every moment. Those that exist, are like pupils in a school class they dread. Wishing they were elsewhere, watching the clock, waiting for the bell to ring.

Now, many people claim to hold the recipe to living life to the fullest, its as simple as following the path laid before you, they say. Give your heart to him, follow the path of the righteous, do this or eat that and happiness will follow. Or some people will find there own path, though one of the many avenues to an alternate reality that we have available today. Be it cinematic, digital, narcotic or otherwise, there are many to choose from.

Most of these paths share a common thread however. Many are only temporary in nature, and most are self destructive either physically, emotionally or mentally. Some may go though there entire life, simply existing. This is the comfort zone, what they know. Some may go though life unaware of this. They may think that they are free, but they are bound by invisible ropes. Bound to follow a strict list of ethics that most humans simply could not. Not for lack of trying, but simply because, we are human.

The inability to follow said list is viewed as a shortcoming, one which must be righted, and the way to do so is to beg for forgiveness. Thereby showing that though they feel that are free, they are trapped in a mental prison of there own creation. Most will never realize this, as most will never open the door. In fact, though they may view those whom are different as close-minded, they themselves may not know that the door even exists.

Which in itself is not really a problem of public concern. The problem shows up however, when the all knowing try to force there knowledge on the world at large. It may not even be intentionally harmful, the speech may be uttered or written out of love or concern. However, the end result is no different. The well-meaning speech may cause needless friction and guilt in the minds of the impressionable, and otherwise foster an environment of intolerance for anything but the norm. Though im guessing one issue comes to the forefront of your mind after reading that, it is by far not the only one. But that is not the focus of this writing.

While many can provide a path in which to use as your guide, remember, conformity will not always be the answer. Since there are no 2 people that are exactly alike, it stands to reason that no 2 people will find fulfillment in the same places. One path may work for one person, another for another person. So while its alright to share your journey, do not judge or show contempt to those whom are looking or have found purpose elsewhere.

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