Another from the forgotten pieces library . . .

When one thinks about the main “Sin” that one hears about being “condemned” by churches, whats the first one that comes to mind? Of course. Homosexuality.

There is however, two others that often go completely under the radar. Two that are both far more pervasive, AND far more damaging, on a world wide scale. Those two, are Greed and Gluttony.

Greed and gluttony are the basis of western society. The economy is the god of the west, to be worshiped, fed, and sacrificed to, no matter the price. One can say that greed and gluttony are almost the root of all evil to mankind. Many of the problems that exist in the world today, everything from income inequality within nations, income inequality of western world vs. undeveloped world, to climate change, have roots in greed and gluttony. Both these “Sins” are not only actively wiping the future out from under people in the present, but also for our children.

Many within the christian community call themselves pro-life. Because every embryo is sacred, to be cherished and protected from harm. Yet, the loudest voices from within this SAME community, often advocate for the ways of the fossil. Keep digging up and burning up coal/oil/gas, because this creates and keeps jobs.

Yet the current paradigm we are in, the path of the fossil, is actively destroying any future that these “cherished” human beings have. Pro-life? I don’t think so.

So you can see now, how damaging Greed and Gluttony VIA capitalism really are. Yet, do you ever hear condemnation of it? I know I don’t.

Most of the Christians I have ever met can give me a thousand pages of information as to why homosexuality is WRONG, EVIL, the work of Satan himself. They will push THAT biblical verse. They will tell you how it just is NOT natural (because typing “Homosexuality is NOT natural!” and sending it to the whole world is as natural as a tree outside there home).

Some will spend seemingly hours explaining how the mechanics of it are just wrong, the penis is designed for this, NOT that! This is for the excretion of stuff, not for the insertion of stuff. Hell, for being straight, these people seem to know more about gay sex then a homosexual.

But ask about Greed and Gluttony, and do you get pages and pages of information of condemnation, mechanical description as to how its “wrong”, hours of babble? Nope. What you get (if you get any reply at all), is either a short one or 2 sentences of agreement, or rationalization as to how they are not apart of this.

I’ve always wondered why. Oh, who am I kidding, I made an assumption, but for the purpose of this writing, ill elaborate. What could be the reasoning?

Guilt? Is it a reaction of being apart of this paradigm? Turning the other cheek, if ya will?

Ignorance? Has this never occurred to them?

What about bias?

Do these people cling to christian beliefs, partly (or fully) just because its the only venue left where they can openly express there bias against certain others (mainly homosexuals)?

Just some thoughts that been running though my mind for awhile. Give your opinion.

Why the talk of “Sin” from an atheist?

Because when your talking to someone who claims to be a follower of a said set of rules and “values”, one should not be afraid to give a little reminder to them. It doesn’t matter that I don’t follow your way of life. What matters, is that you expect me to emulate YOU, when YOU don’t even seemingly take the whole thing seriously.

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