Ubuntu Love

I recently did a bit of an experiment, and installed Ubuntu (linux OS) on my machine, along side its original OS (Vista). I had been contemplating the move for awhile now, but wasn’t sure what to expect.  Windows was the OS that I had been using all my life (I remember playing around on a Windows 3.1 machine when I was young LOL), and though I had gained a hatred for it in recent years, it was still familiar. In comparison to Linux, which from what I heard of it, sounded like a totally different landscape.

I had experimented with a version of Ubuntu a year or so ago, but didn’t have any luck with it. Though it seemed good in the virtual machine I tested it on within Vista, it froze up in the desktop I tried it in, and my old laptop would not boot it for some reason.  My old laptop I now believe is dead (it had a seven year run, albeit with the problems of the hard drive. Or maybe with Vista, in retrospect). And the desktop, im thinking is toast to (though I have not tried the NEW UB disk in either yet).

In any case, after liking the demo, I decided to take the plunge, and installed it permanently, alongside WIN Vista.

The difference was noticeable immediately. Rather then taking 20 minutes to a half hour to fully boot (from log in), it is up and running in less then a minute. Absolutely no lag, and though I use the same browser for browsing in both OS’s (Firefox), the Ubuntu version has no freeze ups or speed issues (very noticeable on this site). And though the machine heats up A LOT when running windows for any length of time, that does not seem to happen with Ubuntu (probley its smaller footprint).

Granted, there is a little bit of a learning curve to this OS. Unlike Windows, compatible software is not nearly as easy to find (getting flash for watching youtube is a bit of a pain, though not impossible). And not all software venders make compatible variants for Linux, so you may need to search for replacements (or just use there native OS for those tasks).

One of my bigger problems though, was the transfer of files from one OS to the other. Though they are on the same computers hard drive, windows makes it difficult by building a “firewall” around them, unless your logged into that account (I like it for keeping snoopers out of my stuff, but It makes it difficult in this situation). This I found can be easily remedied with a removable drive, or a service such as dropbox or google drive however.

Long story short, I highly recommend it, even if in parallel with WIN. Its worth the small amount of effort that it takes to “master” the OS.


2 thoughts on “Ubuntu Love

  1. All the best with the new OS :). I started with xp then changed to a Linux distribution which was believed to be tough to learn.. But believe me it was the easiest choice I made.. My mom only know to use linux so I guess what matters basically is the OS you start with …



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