One Friend Can Save A Life

Here we have the music video to Five Finger Death Punch‘s “Coming Down“, track #3 off their album American Capitalist. A darkly themed song, taking on the taboo subject of Suicide, the video itself in a VERY direct way (be warned).

It starts with 2 suicides, a male teen by way of a gun shot to the head, and a female teen by way of a drug overdose. From there, the video gradually progresses backward though the 2 teen’s lives, and all the events that led up to there decision to take there lives. Right back to when the male surprises a friend by giving him, out of the blue, some of his valuable possessions, and the female posts a message to a teen suicide message forum, and presumably sends a “final words” type of text to a close friend.

You know what comes next. Or, do you?

The male’s friend comes back and ends up interrupting his attempt, upon returning his belongings to him. And a close friend of the female comes by, and ends up stopping her. The video ends with the caption “One Friend Can Save A Life”.

Its a message that should be spread far and wide. It only takes one.

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