The Crazy Ones


I just discovered this new CBS sitcom tonight, staring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Though the format is arguably one that I normally would almost automatically discard (about 95% of new network sitcoms, I can’t stand), this one I like. One of the things I like about it, is the lack of a laugh track (in my mind, a true comedy should not have to tell the viewer when to laugh). But even if a show lacks a laugh track, it still has to have at least SOME substance, to appease me.

Though this show arguably has little substance, and is more alike its comedic counterparts then it is different, I have to admit that it makes up for it with the presence of the comedy tidbits that Robin Williams is known for. I can even overlook the fact that it is a blatant advertisement for an unnamed fast food chain.

Maybe it is because I like Robin Williams. Maybe its because the “drive thru lovin” song nearly had me fall off my chair in a fit of laughter. But whatever the case may be, I am a fan of this new show. Its certainly not the best I have seen, and certainly not my favorite (Corner Gas still has that slot), but its quite enjoyable.

I don’t see it having a long run,  like most of the new shows premiered today (they reflect the disposable society we live in today). But this show should provide us with amusement for whatever its run is.

I must admit, there are some things that I never thought that I would ever hear myself say. “I am a fan of a new CBS sitcom”, is one of them.


RIP Robin

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