Rob Ford – Just Step Down Already

I have been swinging back and fourth on the guy , since he first hit the international spotlight as the then allegedly crack smoking mayor of Canada’s largest city. Like most everyone else, I got a laugh out of the whole situation, but  was of the opinion that he should step down. I thought, why would you DO that (smoke crack)? Not so much the “using an illegal drug” argument, but why THAT drug? That’s nasty stuff.

Despite this, I decided that maybe one should be given a another chance. People make mistakes, no matter how big and high profile (and arguably, stupid). And even after the revelation that the incident really was true, there really WAS a video, one could still get the benefit of the doubt, assuming that was the end of the shenanigans.

But the shenanigans did NOT stop. It seemed that with each passing WEEK, a new revelation would come out of Toronto, involving a new incident or scandal involving Ford. This latest one being the hilarious, but utterly unacceptable, “eating pussy” commentary.

Though the world at large is looking at the situation as a big punchline, a break from the typical American political dumb-asses, the situation is far from funny in Toronto itself. The punchline is not so funny, when you are the punchline. Toronto schools have stopped field trips to Toronto city hall. And even Ford’s own city council, have turned there back on his leadership, in more ways then one.


His antics were, and are, amusing. And I could breath easy (but feel a little bad) about the situation, were he just a celebrity going though a nutty “phase” (the media has over-covered FAR to many of those in the last few years). But he is not a celeberty, he is not just a well known average civilian. He is  at the helm of a city of millions, he has big responsibilities to uphold.

Toronto has turned into the laughing stock of both the country, and the world. The city’s governance is at a standstill.

He had more then enough chances to turn things around. But things only got worse. And things are not going to change, since the people he is suposed to be leading, are now boycotting him.

So, Rob Ford, just step down already. Do the dignified thing, for once in the last few months. If you really care about the citizens you claim to represent, you will move out of the way, so that your city can move on.

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