Rob Ford – You May Have Swayed Me Again (Dammit)

Yesterday I viewed the craziness that was the situation in the Toronto city council chambers, where the council members successfully voted to strip the mayor of much of his powers. Given the actions of Rob and his brother Doug Ford even in THAT council meeting, its no surprise that the vote of confidence (civic equivalent anyway) was so successful.

One thing that most of us (even me in the last while) tend to forget, is that there may be 2 sides to every story. The media focuses on what sells the most newspapers, or gets the most clicks and garners the most ratings, not necessarily, the individuals side.

But an interview last night with Peter Mansbridge which aired on CBC‘s the national, showcased a side of both Rob and his brother Doug, that I certainly have never seen before. Whether or not what was said was entirely truthful, is hard to say. But there seemed to be a remorseful side displayed by both. Which is what, again, made me sway on my opinion.

During the interview, we were given a 5 month timeline of personal progress, for which Mayor Ford said that would be able to see exactly how much he has changed.

When it comes to Rob’s personal struggles and/or problems, good for him for seeking help to remedy the situation. But that is his personal problem, and should remain between him, and anyone else helping him along.

I am sure that the Toronto city council, and the people of Toronto, think the same way. I am sure that they are not rooting for failure in his personal life. But there is a difference between mitigating a possibly damaging situation (striping a possibly unbalanced mayor of much of his power, especially in the situation of an emergency of any kind), and “kicking a man while he is down”.

If we want to showcase the “kicking a man while he is down” argument, then look no further then the media coverage, and the public reaction (I have my share of guilt, when it comes to this, I admit). City council, just did what they need to.

I am sure, all they want, is PROOF that you are indeed, still as competent with the powers you once had, as you say you are. And I am sure that is the least that the citizens of Toronto would want, or ask for. So instead of crying fowl one minute, then asking for for forgiveness and a 2ed chance the next (even though were on chance #3 or 4 by now), just act the part.

Bring back the professional politician that city voters elected in the first place. Stop the feeding the media circus, and the media will find a new whipping boy. Give Torontonians, an incredibly patient and tolerant population (as per their reaction to this whole saga), a reason to trust again. Win them back, and you will win back city council.

Being on the right track in ones personal life, is a great thing. But working out ones personal problems, does not equal to one being a competent leader.

So, drop the persecution act, and be the leader that voters elected in the first place.

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