Its Black Friday

The day of great sales all over, is here. But I have no intention to go out and shop.

I have to say, that its depressing to see fist fights and cart-snatching, at sales such as this. Normally civilized people, turned crazed over a tv set. Sure shows what would be in store, should the day come that big the box store they love, is cut off from being restocked with food.

Its times like these, where I am glad I quit the modern form of Christmas, a few years ago.

Christmas and the holidays, have been an irrelevant to flat out depressing holiday for the last few years, since I became atheist and dropped the whole religious aspect of it. But even more so, when you drop the consumer aspect. But it allows you to see things more clearly.

Like the black Friday sales, where some stores actually have free coffee and donuts available for shoppers to quote “keep their strength up”. Which is a good idea. But I think its sad, that someone would go to that amount of effort, just to either get a mediocre discount, or buy a bunch of crap for people that probably do not need it.

But when have I ever understood people.

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