Blogger For Almost A Year – But Should I Continue? (And More Final Reflections)

The year ended and begun just as it did for me last year, quietly and uneventfully. I brought it in with a marathon of “Final 24” on OWN, then some final reflections on important Canadians we lost in 2013 in the final minutes on CBC. I also crafted and posted my final entry of the year on MB man, posting about an hour and a half before my official new year (though apparently the WP servers are in another time zone, since the said  entry  tagged as my first of this year).

The difference between this year and last however, is my state of mind.

I recall that the holidays could not be over FAST enough in 2012, having worked though both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (and as such, put up with peoples shit as per any retail job). And I also did not agree with getting up at 7am on a holiday, just to serve last minute idiots who couldn’t find the time to prepare in the days, weeks and months BEFORE Christmas/New Years Eve.
But that could have been the no vacation time from work since my 2 weeks off in  2008 talking. Or it could have been the hangover from the bitterness that was my old job, still present. Or it might have been the stress of not having a sleep cycle that accommodated early mornings.

Either way, taking a week off to leave town, did a lot for my sanity. Though 2 family members close to me almost ruined it with their utter selfishness, Christmas was actually good. As was new years. Despite the hangups of retail (not stressing over how little or much sleep I got, really contributes to how good a day can be, I have learned).

When it comes to the question above, it  was rhetorical.

Last year, when I first opened my WP account and started blogging, I enjoyed it, and it shows in the amount of material that I added in the time frame between February and summer. At the time, it seemed that my mind, and the world, provided me with a limitless supply of things to write (or bitch and rant) about. I tried to post at once every 2 or 3 days, which was an easy task, being there was always something to talk about in my mind, on the news, or elsewhere.

But in the last few months, my posts have been fewer and fewer. Which on one hand I suppose is alright (all of my views I am guessing are due to notifications, other then the ones from search engine hits). But I question whether I should keep the blog up. Blogging seems to me to be a hobby that should be participated in regularly, not just as an after thought.

But either way, to all the folks that followed me, liked or commented on my entries, or just read them, I thank you. May the new year be good to you, and may you stick to your resolution, for at least a month (goals for me are more achievable, with smaller time frames. So, no, its not an insult at your expense 🙂 ).

So far I am doing alright in terms of one of mine. My first 2 cups  of coffee of 2014 have stevia. The “sweet” spot seems to be about half of the tiny scoop they provide. And believe me, it IS tiny.



Even though the stuff is close to (if not) $10 bucks (cdn) a jar, and does not SEEM like much, believe me, its plenty. The reused Peanut Butter jar below contains sugar,which when used at 2 tablespoons a cup, will barley last a month. Since you do not need NEARLY that much stevia (trust me, I found out the hard way when I first bought it lol), this little jar will last months.

In fact, this little jar has been in my house since sometime in the summer of 2012, and used fairly heavily between then and early 2013 (I eventually got sick of it and reverted to sugar again lol).
But despite this, there is still half a jar left. I don’t know how many jars of sugar I would use at my rate in that time (or for that matter HAVE  used, in the last year).

Either way, this year will be sure to be interesting. Hopefully in a good way, but who knows. Were in for a ride, either way.

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