Out With The Old And In With The New. Happy New Year.

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It is that time again. When this year becomes last year, and last year becomes the present. This night is the night when many celebrate in their own ways, going out on the town and drinking to much, or playing the part of the reclusive introvert like me, choosing a quiet night of movies, shows and sporadic online visits to  celebrate. If one could call it celebrating (who am I kidding. I worked for 8 hours, and am still in a good mood, even after smashing a jar of prego 5 minutes to close. That alone, is worth celebrating!).
And some will just go to bed early tonight, grateful that January 2ed, the day the world returns to its regular pre-holiday self, is less then 24 hours away.

When it comes to this year in review, for me on a personal level, its been an interesting ride. An interesting journey of positive, negative, good, bad, and familiarity.

This year has been good on my personal development. Having found myself better able to relax my guard a bit in the presence of others, has been beneficial, especially in my work environment. I remember writing posts about hating being the “odd one” of my department earlier in the year. Only to realize that, it was likely because most of the asshole vibe was coming off of me, NOT them.

I have become more comfortable with the various mental traits that make me up as a person.
When it comes to one aspect, though I am not yet ready to proudly open up about it to the world, I have come to accept it, and as such, no longer feel any shame or other negativity, because of it.

Other aspects I am more then happy to share.

One aspect (that had begun to bloom back in February of this year, when this blog was born), was my true acceptance that I am opinionated, and enjoy being political and controversial.
Back when this blog first started, I tried to limit my shit stirring mostly to blog entries, posts in hidden Facebook groups, the occasional email or private message, or otherwise places where my words were UN-viewable by those in my inner circle.
But as the year progressed, I at some point decided that if people bring up a subject of controversy anywhere, then I should not be afraid to speak my mind (albeit in an as educated manor as possible). After all, its not like I am forcing the subject onto them, if they initiated the conversation.

In relation to above, I also started living by a new personal rule. The rule is, speak your mind if you feel something needs to be said in a situation, if not doing so will just cause you more personal grief and stress. Meaning basically, if someone runs their mouth, or says something I consider to be wrong, offensive or otherwise irritating, then I will say my piece.
I do use digression when it comes to applying that rule (sometimes the old saying “let sleeping dogs lie” is the best advice), but that is no longer my initial reaction.
If people want to say something or make a claim, they better be ready to back it up. And if anyone wants to start something with me, they better be ready to finish it. I have seen to many be walked on by, and been walked on by, people with attitude problems to many times. That stops now.

It has been a good year, when it comes to getting re-acquainted with old friends. From a midnight phone call from one (leading to a subsequent conversation about the big issue of the time, George Zimmerman), to a sleep over at anothers, to accepting the total and complete change and turn around of yet ANOTHER, its been good.

In late July/early August, I rekindled my relationship with one of my favorite forgotten  sporting activities, which is cycling. Although I regret having started so late in the year, I was glad for the time I did get to cycle around, putting at least 40 KMs on the bike in the next 2 and a half months. I didn’t stick to my 10K a day goal, but I got to explore many areas of my city that were previously unknown.

When it comes to goals written about here previously, one could say I failed. I do not recall having any new years resolutions last year, so that one is simple. However, if the biggest was finding a new job, then that one was an utter failure. As was the “novel” I was working so hard on earlier on in the year, of which I had set the seemingly attainable goal of completion by the years end. Though technically still attainable at this time, I highly doubt I will polish it off in an hour and a half (been to busy with this piece! :P).

Which brings me to my little list of resolutions.

Since a laundry list usually does not result in any progress, I will keep things simple, short and sweet (in a literal sense, in one case). That said, here are my goals for 2014, written in no particular order.

1.) Use stevia in my coffee the majority of the time, and STICK to it.

2.) Find more suitable employment. Not only that gives me the hours I need, but also something that I don’t hate doing daily.

3.) Take my road test, and move on into my full license.

The stevia thing is due to the realization that I drink 2 (sometimes even 3) cups of coffee a day, often with a table spoon of sugar. I will leave myself some wiggle room, in that 2 days out of 7 are optional. And all coffee consumed outside the house, is not counted (I don’t usually drink all that much coffee outside the house. Not to mention, the only available options BESIDES sugar are usually sugar twin or splenda. EWWW) .

I might make a few “optional” goals  later, but for now, thats my list.

For the rest of you, have fun tonight, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!

And may 2014 be good to you.

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