Forget Mens & Womens Rights – Think HUMAN Rights

I have not tackled the topic of feminism before (with the exception of  Real Men Don’t Hit Women – Double Standards and Abuse ). But it occurs to me that this is something I should write about, so I will finally do it. Though the discussion of the topic is considered to be almost taboo in most social circles today, I think its time to start having a conversation. Because in the silence that surrounds the issue today, there is disparity that must be addressed.

First of all, lets get our terminologies straight, so that were all on the same wave length when it comes to my mindset on the subject. Though I will admit that I am anti-feminist, I am not misogynistic. If  you look up the definitions of both terms, you will notice that they are vastly differing, and not one and the same. Apples and Oranges.

That said, I do understand the roots of feminism and the womens rights movement. Men all though out history do not have a good track record for being fair when it comes to the treatment of women (amongst many other national, ethnic and other groups). And though we have made strides in the right direction as of 2013, things are still not on an even keel. There is always room for improvement.

But though there is work to be done, I must also point out a direction change that the feminist movement has taken in recent times. It seems to be less about womens rights, and more about (dare I say it) Women’s superiority. And more importantly, there is a willingness to ignore some aspects of an issue, in the name of forwarding the bigger picture, or the cause that is  feminism. Basically, turning a blind eye to part of the problem.

One of the notable aspects of feminism of late, is the notion that Women are superior to Men. I am not even sure if many are aware that this is the message they they are sending, but that is how it is being received. If the goal is equality, then it becomes obvious how this clearly differs from that goal. Not to mention, it seemingly forgets why there is a feminist movement in the first place.

Another big goal of feminism, is the elimination of sexism in all its forms. Women are people to, and deserve to have all the same rights and importunities as men do in the world (and also to be protected from discrimination and abuse based on their gender). Which is a good thing.
The problem comes in, when it comes to the flip side of the coin. Though not as big of a problem (or at least not as well known) as sexism or gender discrimination towards Women, it can be perpetuated towards men as well. Even if its a tiny part of the problem, it is still a part of the problem, and has to be addressed.

And the other glaring problem that I see with feminist attitudes today, is the stance that many take towards abuse. Many women (and unfortunately, men to) are under the impression that abuse is a solely male issue. Since men tend to be stonger then women in most situations, its not surprising that this is the conclusion.
But it is incorrect. Though mental / physical abuse and violence against women is the most prevalent (or again, is the most well known form), it does happen to men to. A victim is a victim, no matter what is in their pants.

And in some cases I would classify the suffering of abused men WORSE then women, because of this idiotic attitude combined with stupid societal stereotypes. Not only are “Famale vs. Male” abuse cases not always taken seriously, but he may suffer for not being “tough”, not being able to take it like a “man”.

Though I do agree with equality of everyone, to much focus on one group is not the right way to go about it. It does not matter what group it is, if its focus is to singular, it runs the risk of becoming self-serving. Many groups that started out with good intentions (fairer treatment of their people), have been railroaded by this in some way or another.

Which is why my new mantra is not with a group, it is with THE group. I do not stand with Men, I do not stand with women, I do not stand with Aboriginals, I do not stand with Caucasians, I do not stand with African Americans . . .

I stand with all of the above.

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