Chris Christie – Class A Asshole?

It seems that every progressive media source I have access to VIA daily or weekly newsletters (Common Dreams, Alternet, Truthdig, The Nation) has published articles condemning Chris Christie, or telling me why I am a fool if I am still a Christie apologist.

Though I do not know the entire story behind the situation, I understand the outrage and uproar. If the traffic jam was indeed orchestrated as an act of personal retribution, then the residents of both NY and NJ (and those of the rest of the US) have the right to be angry. No one wants to be a pawn in another mans war. Especially, when lives may very well have been put at risk because of the act.

But at the same time, I also can’t help but wonder about the timing. Right at the time when an “alleged” wrong doing comes out in the mainstream news-feed, is when all these sources start publishing these Chris Christie “truths”. Even though all of these traits, situations etc that are just coming out now were just as present before, suddenly they are just coming to light now.

Now I am not playing the part of Christie apologist. Nor am I going to say that I am against him. He is not a perfect governor by any means. But I have never before now, heard anyone refer to him as being in any way “viscous”. Even after he made his stance on homosexuality known.

I am as eager, like everyone else, to know the truth in the matter (or what truth can be salvaged from the situation). But at the same time, I will not condemn a man, with only a vague picture of the whole story.

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