A New Year , A New Begining

Like most everyone else both in the online and the offline world, I had made myself some new years resolutions. This year I followed the KISS (keep it simple stupid!) philosophy in making my list, and thus only put 3 things on the list, all of which are fairly easily attainable. Knowing and acknowledging that I do not function well when faced with a proverbial mountain of tasks, I kept it simple, and fairly straight forward.

As written in a previous entry in the month, my goals for the year were :

1.) No more sugar in my morning coffee (equaled to about 2 table spoons in 2 to 3 cups of coffee)

2.) Get past my learners permit, and get a full license (or at least, try)

3.) Find better employment (ideally more hours)


The rules of this resolution were simple enough. As of January 1st, my coffee’s that were consumed at home 5 days a week  were to be sweetened with Stevia (remember that from Breaking Bad? *dies*. Just kidding 🙂 ). And on January 1st, I started using the stuff along with the typical store brand  coffee whitener. And to date, I am still using it. That transition wasn’t as difficult as I envisioned it to be. I have considered using one of my “wild card” days a couple times, but decided against it (Lets see how long the streak can last 🙂 ).

Though my rules only applied to coffees drunk at home, I have started looking for ways to cut the sugar in my diet, even when im out and about (in particular, at work). Most of the time in restaurants, I order tea instead of coffee (no milk or  sugar required for me. Plus there are many tasty varieties to be tried). And even when it comes to food, I try to avoid to much sugary stuff (though I fell off that a bit, after finding some very cheap and very good leftover holiday cookies at work).
But over all, so far so good. Once I get myself used to having less sugar, I can focus  on my other vice, salt.


This one is going to take a bit of learning and practice before I can attempt it (if I do not want to waste much money on failed tests in the process). I already have a vehicle, but finding the time to drive it around with my father  can be a difficult task. Not to mention, driving in January in Manitoba, isn’t always the easiest task (though at the same time, one could argue that if you can drive in this, you can drive in anything)

I had considered just winging it (booking the test, and seeing what happens), but on 2ed thought, not such a good plan. This task will have to remain on the back burner for the time being.


As of now, I am working the same job and getting the same amount of money and hours. But its not all bad (or on the positive side, the same). One of the problems of the job, a troublesome co-worker, might have been resolved.
And I just recently had an interview for a job I had applied for on a whim. Seen a job ad on a local classified site for a sales representative for a newcomer cell carrier in my area, and decided to apply. Though I have arguablye what they are looking for in an applicant (a background in customer service and relations), I didn’t have much of whats important in their industry (up-selling), and reflected that in my online questionnaire (may as well not lie). That, and my cell number is from a different carrier then theirs (you never know lol. I can’t help but have loyalty to what I know, and to the one thats treated me well and been mostly reliable in my last 7 years as a cellphone user).

One thing I was watching for in the interview however during the interview process, was the attitude I am expected to give towards the consumer (honesty in marketing). The company I am applying to does not yet have a large network footprint in  Manitoba, so I wondered if dishonesty was expected to get around little hurdles like that, should people not know.

But as it turns out, one of the first things the lady mentioned (in talking about her employer), was that the network as it stands now,  is not for everyone. But they try to make it work for those that they can. Which was very honest from my point of view. Not to mention the wage seems to be minimum no matter what (any sales come with a commission, which is nice. Of course, assuming that there isn’t mandatory sales targets that one will learn of after employment).

Don’t know if I have the job yet, but I will know sometime between Wednesday (today) and Friday if I am one of the chosen ones.  I admit, I hope that uniforms are a requirement, because I do not have all that much “nice” attire  to wear lol.
Its funny to think that I at one point wished for a job without uniform standards (they are a pain in the ass most of the time), only to realize that I don’t have a whole lot to choose from (on account of being in uniform or at home for the vast majority of the last 7 years).
That, and I hate shopping for new clothes with a passion (it is done every 2 or 3 years, max).

One good part to the year that I had forgotten about, was the fact that in a short time, my car loan will be gone and I will have that extra cash to play with. Though it won’t be wasted, now I can increase my deposits into my savings for a rainy day/project/whatever (apocalypse prep? lets hope not :/) accounts. And slight adjustments to my credit situation should ensure that I am never truly “broke”, something that has become a bit of a regularity in the last while. But like everything else, one has to be careful when playing with the fire that is credit. A lesson learned, and carried forward.

And another new habit that is good both for my pocketbook and my carbon footprint, is forgoing cab rides for public transit, when getting to work and other destinations. I admit I threw in the carbon footprint thing just for padding, it was mostly for selfish reasons 🙂 . Bus fare, when purchased in blocks of 10,  is $11.00  ($1.20 a ride). Cab fare one way is average $8.50 plus $1.50 debit fee (I rarely carry cash anymore).
Paying $11.00 a week for transportation definitely beats $42.50 a week (and that is a LOW estimate).

I did not make any fitness goals for this year, and for good reason.  One reason being that  its the middle of winter. Another being I don’t feel like paying for a gym membership that I am likely not going to use. And last but not least, the idea of going to a gym and working out in the presence of others, is not all that enticing. Ill wait until the winter breaks, and the weather warms up, and get back into my cycling routine. This year starting earlier then 2 months before the cold.

All told, despite being just short of a month in, 2014 isn’t going all that bad. I know that many will have given up on there resolutions before this, so I am doing good. And I know that I am doing a lot better then I have in past years.

Heres to hoping I can stay on this trajectory for a while. At least another month lol (small steps).

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