The Debate Of The Decade – Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham

I was not home to take in the debates live stream, but I did watch it in its entirety from the link above. Though I initially questioned the investment of so much of my time, after watching, I realize that it was well worth it. Chances are I would have just been passing the time mindlessly (watching desperate housewives, or surfing the net aimlessly) anyway, so the education and learning experience was worth the time spent.

If I were to choose a winner in the debate, I have to say that Bill won it easily. In fact, I do not think that it would be a stretch to say that almost any reasonably minded person (Christian or otherwise), would come to any other conclusion.

Lets consider the evidence that each party brought to the table.

Bill brought a localized fossil of the geographical location of the debate (Kentucky), along with all kinds of other scientific insight. Ken, brought the bible. The bible, and a whole truck load of contradiction.

Lets focus on what Ken brought to the table.

In the opening statements, literally right of the bat, I was learning new things. I learned of the 3 different distinct branches of science (historical, observational and experimental). I learned that naturalism is arbitrarily utilized in public school text books. And I learned that Naturalism and Atheism are not only both religions, but also interchangeable in nature.

Yes, not even 5 minutes in, and I had already smacked myself in the face.

Though initially claim of naturalism as a belief didn’t make a whole lot of sense, the picture became a bit clearer as the debate went on. We gradually learned that Ken viewed things from the prospective that is, its impossible to make any accurate estimate of long past events, without being there to see it happen.

I did get hung up on this for a while (hell, im still hung up on it now!). Almost all the “Historical Science” (to borrow a Ken term) utilized by Bill as evidence, was immediately dismissed on the grounds of impossibility. Its impossible to know for sure, if you were not there.
I am still attempting to wrap my mind around how this works in Kens brain. On one hand, if taken at face value with NO after thought whatsoever, it could make sense. But if you think even a LITTLE bit more, you will realize that this also invalidates Ken’s entire argument.

This should be obvious. Or at least it seems painfully obvious to me.

And the rest of the debate was really not much better. There was much finger pointing at the secular side for “hijacking” a number of terminologies, such as Evolution and Science (I guess designating 3 arbitrary forms of science, is not the same thing). There was a whole lot of reference to  convenient biblical verses, including seemingly unrelated ones to the debate (gay marriage?).

But not one satisfactory rebuttal.

I really enjoyed the question period, because of the complexity that came out of the questions. It forced both sides (or it should have) to come out of there normal comfort zone, and cross over to the other side.

Bill handled his questions relating to the unknown, brilliantly in his honesty. Though he got a few initial laughs from the audience, I think they realized that there is nothing wrong with admitting that sometimes, you just don’t know. Science is not, and never should be seen as, anything more than a tool in the exploration of our biggest unknowns, mysteries and dilemmas. It is not the answer.

One thing I got out of this, was that Ken may not have been the best person to be debating on the subject of Creation. There were times where he was definitely, lost (like the plate tectonics question). If he really is one of the most intellectual people on the subject, then that should serve as a huge indication of how credible this subject REALLY is.

So long story short, though I know that this debate will only serve to unify personal conclusions for most on both sides of the equation (for half of us, that is unfortunate), I am hoping it will cause some to open their eyes. If they are on the fence, maybe this will make them realize that there really is more to the big picture, then that little black book.

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