Keystone XL Youtube Ad – Reading Between The Lines

As I was on Youtube last night cruising a few videos by The Amazing Atheist (I have grown to be quite a fan), I encountered an advertisement from Trans Canada for the Keystone XL pipeline.  Though it had the option of being skipped, I decided to watch it, just out of curiosity (what bullshit are they trying to sell us).

It was filmed in a calm setting, as if a farmer (more accurately,  “Rancher”) had a company representative in his home, and he was explaining the whole concept to the Farmer/Rancher. The farmer asks more or less, what the benefits will be to people like him (I am paraphrasing, so I may have this wrong).
To which the rep explained how the building of the pipeline will create 9000 jobs, and thus it is good for all involved. Then the ad moves on by partially expanding on the previous statement, then ends.

The pipeline will provide the economy with a temporary boost. But that is just it, a TEMPORARY boost.

9000 people are required to assemble the pieces between the Canadian boarder and the completed Oklahoma/Texas portion. Once that is finished and functional, the majority of these jobs will be gone, down to a total of between 20 and 35.

A pipeline designed to send bitumen from the Canadian oil sands to port, primarily for export to other international markets, will have a total AMERICAN economic footprint of 20 to 35 positions. When compared to the profits that will be reaped by the sale of the petrol, that number is negligible. For all intents and purposes, fuck all.

And this is not even taking into consideration the Carbon time bomb that this pipeline represents. Its development, will  drive further development of shale and oil sand development in Alberta and elsewhere, which will mean more pipelines. Which will mean more of the problems that often come with pipelines owned by profit hungry corporations.

The short term benefits of the pipeline, are not REALLY economic benefits, because its in the SHORT TERM.

In the middle, we have the possibility of spills and leaks, permanently marking contaminated land uninhabitable (not to mention water ways, and the communities that may rely on them).

And in the long term, this pipeline  may serve as the epitaph on the tombstone of humanity. The proverbial straw that broke the Camels back.

As of this moment, the State Department has pretty much paved the way for the completion of the pipeline, by judging it as not a pertinent threat (what a joke, frankly). As such, the ball is now in President Obama’s court to make, or break, the deal. And all the vested interests like Trans Canada know this, which is why they are starting to push these friendly little spots.

So the next time you see an advertisement from Trans Canada about Keystone XL, an advertisement from Exxon Mobil about the benefits and “safe” technology  behind hydraulic fracturing (fracking), or any other ad campaign touting any sort of “benefits” in the further development of antiquated fossil fuels, I ask you to think critically.

The arguments presented are skin deep, but they are persuasive. So be the voice of reason.

4 thoughts on “Keystone XL Youtube Ad – Reading Between The Lines

  1. Good post, Jason. The primary beneficiaries of XL Keystone will be the execrable Koch Brothers, and all the rest of us – including the farmers and ranchers across whose property it runs – will be left holding the environmental tab, which, as you’ve pointed out, is going to be ruinous. But just try telling that to the good folks around here, who can’t seem to see any farther than the end of their nose.

    I, too, have grown to be quite a fan of T.J. Kirk. He’s a little abrasive, but I find that to my liking.


    1. TJ Kirk, THAT is his last name.

      I have been watching him for a few months, but didn’t know him by name. I suppose I could have looked it up . . .

      Either way, he is a bit over the top at times, but more often then not, we are in agreement. That is not to say that I mold my views around his argument (you know im better then that).
      Its more, when I see his videos, its almost like watching myself.

      And in a way, I do the same thing, only the written word is my tool, as opposed to visual mediums.


    2. As for Keystone XL, I wish both of out nations would focus on renewable’s. There is unlimited amounts of energy to be harnessed in the ambient enviroment.

      We just have to figure out how to do it, and how to overcome the pitfalls.


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