A Facelift

Hello my readers,

I have given my page a bit of a face lift.

The background color, has changed. But the most notable change, is the name and the description of my Blog.

It used to be “MB man – My Life” (a blog about the life of me), but I have been thinking for months, that that description does not really match the vast majority of my entries. I use this blog more as a place to air my various grievances, explore my opinions, and otherwise as a white board or a blank sheet of paper, to write down the contents of my brain. Though I do have the occasional personalized post, the majority, are more generalized.

As such, my title and description now reflects that.

Followers and visitors new and old, hope that you like the change. If you encounter any problems on account of the said changes, please place them in the comment section below.


6 thoughts on “A Facelift

  1. The name I like very much. The background I find harsh to my eyes with the contrast between it and the white of the text. That’s just me. I’d take the brightness down a bit, or make it a slightly duller blue. But it won’t stop me reading you. – sonmicloud. Ps – did you mean to write that you hope we ‘don’t’ like the changes? I’m guessing not, just checking in case you didn’t and want to correct it.


    1. Yep it was an error lol. That is what I get for rushing to publish it.

      And I will tone down the colour a bit. I like darker colours anyway.

      Fits more with my personality.


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