Bill Maher Slams Male Sexual Assault Victoms

First off, I will say that I am a big fan of Bill Maher, and his brand of comedy. I am a regular (dare I say, “religious”) viewer of his weekly talk show, Real Time. It has been a staple in my life  since sometime between 08 and 09, and the weeks (and break periods) when it is off the air, just do not feel the same. Having his take on the current events of the time period, makes a nice end to that week.

This weeks show, has been quite educational, as always. The most troubling thing I learned, was the state of the Oceans. World wide were acting like its code green, when we should be reacting in a state of code red.
Not that this is necessarily news to me. I have read and seen enough to  have made my own dire conclusions and hypothesis. But its another matter, to have these suspicions/fears confirmed (if you have kids, this should be on your radar. Unless them living as long a life as you, does not matter to you).

But I got off topic.

There was one part of tonights show, in which he referred to a new study put out by the American Psychological Association, which claimed that 43% of all high school and college age boys have been coerced into unwanted sex by females. And naturally, being the nature of the show, this study became the focus of this weeks comedic prop, in the form of an “Awareness” ad.

Don’t get me wrong, the skit was funny.

But at the same time, it also contributed to what I deem is a very toxic culture, regarding male sexual assault.

There is already a stigma faced by males, when it comes to sexual assault. They are often times looked at as either weak, or just not taken seriously (“Sure, you were “assaulted”  “). And this 43% number, is a very interesting number. It is damn near 50%. Not only a BIG problem, but I problem that is (as I have always suspected), a lot bigger then many feminist supporters care to entertain.

I am I Bill Maher fan, don’t get me wrong, this will not change that. I just do not agree with his the conclusions, as illistrated by this skit (male sexual assault is not a serious issue).

3 thoughts on “Bill Maher Slams Male Sexual Assault Victoms

  1. Well said. Domestic violence against men is also a much, much bigger reality than the media, or indeed society will admit. And that includes some of the victims. If you’re going to do a skit, fine, but follow it with a serious point afterwards at least. – sonmicloud.


  2. I do agree that it was very distasteful to do that skit, but I do want to point out a flaw in your thoughts. I can’t speak for all feminists, but I can speak for the majority when I say that the feminist movement does not discriminate against male sexual assaults or the male gender in general. Sexual assault on any gender is a terrible act and the feminist movement tries to bring knowledge about all of them to the public.


    1. Its not a flaw in my thoughts, as I have heard some do it.

      But it is an error on my part, if I failed to communicate that point.

      The topic of feminism is a hard one, not to get swept into the radicalism. One forgets that is but the most visible face, of many.

      My apologies 🙂


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