CosMorons – Idiots React To Cosmos


First of all, I will open on an honest note. Even though were at episode #5 of the series, I have yet to view any one of them at this point. Partially due to time constraints, and other interests (a lot of youtube, and the netflix series “Sherlock” to name a couple). Not to mention employment and other obligations.

And partly because I want to view the original series (the Carl Sagan version) before I do the new one. The new one has (apperently) a bit more data to it then Sagan had back in his day (which makes sense, science moves on), so I think it would be interesting to see the differences.

But you didn’t click on this for those thoughts. You clicked because you seen “Idiots React To Cosmos”. If you expected me to grab a few tweets, facebook posts or other commentary on the open internet and make fun of them, you have come to the wrong place. This post is actually, a criticism of such activities.

When the series came out, the reception has been warm. Most of it (obviously) is from the Atheist/Agnostic/other free thinkers, but there has also been a mostly good reception from the other side, the theistic audience. And as with every other new trend today, people  at large took to social media to tell the world what they thought.

I am sure there is a huge amount of praise coming from the secular community, regarding the series. Which is not surprising. But I have yet to see that.

What I am seeing quite a bit of however, is online posts with either critical or “varying” interpretations of the show. Actually, more like, many popular secularists grabbing tweets and other online content from the “other” side, and gaining lots of traffic by basically mocking and making fun of opposing views.

First of all, before the secular community (in particular, the Atheists) go bat shit, I will say that, I do not agree with many of these views that are in opposition to the series. Having all the data presented to you, and then attributing it to whatever deity that you prefer just for simplicity of  understanding, does not do the universe the justice that it really, deserves. And the anti-science/pro-bible people do need to get some REAL education, and understand that the tools we use to attempt to understand the world (science), do not have to be in conflict with their position.
Its just that most people who are well educated, realize that the religious conclusion, is not only very unlikely, but also not necessary.

You fight ignorance with education. That is understandable, and I have no problem with that.

But many of these Youtube commentaries (in particular), are not as much about the refuting of the post/tweet presented with actual arguments, as they are about mocking. Which does make for a funny video, don’t get me wrong.

But it seems, unproductive in the fight against ignorance. If those of contrary opinions view these videos or pieces, all they will get is angry at the arrogant mentality of the Atheists. Which only ensures that they will not even attempt to educate themselves further.

So while i agree that these opinions are at best unintelligent and at worst stupid, I don’t think the solution is mockery. Let them do their yapping, but focus on enlightenment, education.

Mocking of the Cosmos opposition may be a good way to guarantee a whole lot of clicks and views, but it is also hurting the cause.

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