The Internet – The Reality TV Of Modern Culture

This came to my attention due to a news article from a credible source earlier this morning, which is the only reason I attempted to watch it at the time (and failed. The source was the CTV mobile/desktop sites respectively. Neither would play the video at the time). I ended up finding this, after it popped up on youtube as a popular video (I was looking for something else).

Normally I ignore such videos, as they tend to be annoying, conforming to the most annoying, stereotypical and cookie cutter mindsets. Or they are just, stupid people getting more attention then they should. Which is the case here (imagine that!), but I can give CTV credit for picking it up. It is newsworthy if someone gets a kick from a moving train.

On that note however, one wonders why the guy was standing (and filming!) so close to a rail line WITH AN ON COMING TRAIN in the first place. While giving a kick as you pass seems a wrong move, I have to admit that I don’t blame the conductor. This stupid fuck is screwing around on his phone, but if he falls and dies on account of getting run over by a train, its not him that lives with that for the rest of his life. The idiot deserved it.

But the comments were interesting. One mentioned something about “These selfie Olympics are getting out of hand”. Which seems to be a reasonable assessment.

I think that the slide into this started years ago. When reality TV started becoming main stream, idiocy became mainstream. But to make it on such a program was still a fairly far flung possibility, so the idiots were held somewhat in check.

Unfortunately, Youtube and other such services has changed that. Since the only requirement for 15 minutes of fame (or infamy)  is a cheap recording media (smart phone!), and an internet connection, literally anyone anywhere can embrace their inner fucktard. And the stupid can go viral worldwide in a matter of hours.
That is even more exposure then even the most viewed reality series ANYWHERE, can accomplish.

Im reminded of a quote of Carl Sagan:



At first, I didn’t really GET the quote. And I will admit, that I still don’t truly GET it.

But I can not help but link this phenomenon (along with many other negative by-products of modern technology), with the quote.

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