The Hypocrite

Thinking back, one of the reasons I started questioning Atheists, was because I thought that some were concentrating efforts in the wrong places. I did not agree with many going after agnostics, because they are on our (secular) side. Some may have a false idea of what an agnostic is, and in that case, by all means, correct them. But if one side has more doubt, and one just is going to stand aside, i seen no problem with it.

In my early days as an Atheist online, I worked to change minds. I worked to alter prospectives, to deconvert. But I was never successful, which brought much friction. An un winnable argument.

But now, i realize that it is best to let people go the way they want to willfully, and not attempt to drag them over. Personal belief, is a journey with everyone having a different destination. Give them direction and hints, but leave the travels to them.

Even though my initial problem with the whole Atheism VS Agnostic pet peeve was due to squandered time (why are we fighting with secularists, and not going after theists?), i realize that the last few weeks for me, have been doing just THAT.

Going after Atheists and Atheism, as opposed to fighting the problems of theism. Its something that just occurred to me as I showered today (previous to that, i wrote a piece on babies not being atheist, which is now getting lot of criticism from Atheists on facebook. More then I initially realized it would get, but in hindsight, not to surprising).

Realizing this, did make me feel a bit, hypocritical.

But in truth, if one group is in the business of regularly criticizing and critiquing the beliefs of an other group, then it should be an unwritten rule that, it applies both ways.

I can not call myself TRULY honest, unless I share and illustrate problems, wherever I see them (even in my own ranks).

It is not often, that I see anyone criticizing Atheists (or mainstream Atheistic ideology) other then theists. And more importantly, it seems that many (most?) Atheists, do not react well to criticism from ANYONE, theist or secularist.

To me, if your critical of other beliefs, yours should also be subject to scrutiny. If not, then frankly, your as dogmatic ideologically as the theists you are fighting.

Do not call yourself a Freethinker, if you do not grasp what the term REALLY means.

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