How To Make A Valid Argument – More Atheist Community Friction

It is not often that I post 3 entries within 24 hours. Let alone, 3 entries on the same subject. But it appears that it is required.

In a previous entry about how babies are NOT Atheists, it has come to my attention that I had at least 1 spelling error in the title (which has since been corrected). There was also a few spelling and grammatical errors in the piece. My bad.
I do utilize the auto check built into WordPress/firefox/iOS when editing an entry, but sometimes things (obviously lol) slip though. The spell checking features within the Ubuntu environment (in comparison to windows), are not always reliable. Sometimes they are not always present either. I have to edit gmail messages in a WordPress draft.
And when it comes to grammar, those errors do not show up anyway.

While I apologize for any grammatical mistakes, I do not see the need to get bent out of shape over it.

When I compose an entry, I read the whole thing in its entirety. I look for things I can clarify, things I can clip, things I screwed up (missing/extra words/symbols etc). When I am satisfied that it is legible enough to be read by most people, I publish.
Sometimes I may find an error later (or someone points one out), but whatever. Even newspapers miss the odd error every so often. Im writing a blog entry, not an article for the New York Times.

In at least 2 instances today that I know of, the entirety of my piece was discarded, on account to its spelling/grammatical mistakes. I know this, because in facebook group conversation, this is what they said. Until probed for real feedback (the SUBJECT MATTER!), that was their only contribution.

While this is far from the first time I have seen this happen, at this point, it is getting real old. I mean, if you can read it enough to know what I am saying (whether you agree or not!), then whats the problem?

Not everyone has graduated a post secondary course of English. Just as not everyone has graduated a post secondary course in philosophy. Something that becomes more evident in the Atheist community, with each passing day.

Then there is the assumption that I am a theist, seemingly because, I am pointing a critiquing finger at the Atheist community.

It happened when I came out in defence of Agnostics. And it came out when I came out against labelling babies “Atheist”.
When it comes to people I don’t know, I can understand it to a degree. Most of the criticism to Atheism is from Theists.
But it was not just people that didn’t have a connection to me, that were making the assumption.

People in an Atheist-oriented group that I was a regular of, were doing the same thing. Hell, I was in from day 1, before the group got popular on facebook. I was in as an Agnostic Atheist the whole time. Why else would I be there?!

Yet, the moment I dare to defend the stance that is Agnostic, apparently they forget.

And my piece on Babies being non-atheist, many assumed (falsely) that I was a christian, just based on that piece. Which is hilarious in a way, seeing as the related articles at the bottom of the entry would have corrected them (as would a visit to my home page).

Either way, I have to admit, that it is getting tiring, dancing around the assumptions and empty arguments of my Atheist allies.

If your going to be critical of the religious (especially in the hope of making them drop their beliefs), then you should be open to criticism to. Just because most criticisms of Atheistic ideology are from an uneducated theistic standpoint, does not mean that they ALL are.

I do not mind, if your critical of my argument. I may not agree, but thats why I started the conversation.

But stick to the subject matter.

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