Net Neutrality – The Battle Is On (Let The FCC Hear YOUR Voice)


Right now, there is a battle in progress in the US. Well, like any other day, there are many different “battles” in progress. But there is one battle, that unlike almost all others, affects a great majority of people within the United States. And possibly beyond.

Right now, Tom Wheeler of the Federal Communications Commission, with pressure from the lobbyists of the cable and wireless/telecommunications industries, is attempting to pave the way for a tiered Internet experience.

The easiest way to explain it, is the internet as it stands now (for the most part), comes to us in our homes and mobile devices as an open pipe. Though that pipe comes all the data that we retrieve, be it this blog entry, a video, email, whatever. At the moment, all data traveling though the pipe is given equal treatment. For example, the packets that make up this  webpage should flow to you just as fast as the packets that make up a skype call, a Netflix or youtube video, or any other online data transfer.

If however, the FCC does manage to put though the changes that the US telecommunications industry is requesting, that could mean the end of all traffic being freely transmitted as a rule by isp’s/cellular carriers. The changes would allow the various gatekeeper ISPs/Carriers to charge either companies (or customers) for unshaped accessibility to any web service that they choose (note the definition of Traffic Shaping ). Since the biggest  gatekeepers of the internet in the US are also the biggest providers of traditional television and telephone services in the country (2 services that are taking a MASSIVE hit to online alternatives), the conflict of interest (and agenda) for this move, is obvious.

But the FCC is still looking for your input. So if you are a lover of the open internet as it exists today, join the likes of hundreds of American citizens AND big companies of ALL sizes, and let your voice be heard.

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