Climate Change – Disappointment On The 05/17/14 Real Time Panel

Last night (like every Friday, or Saturday night, depending on when I get to it), I watched Real Time With Bill Maher. Though it is not the ONLY source of news for me, its a nice way to cap off the week (and its always fun to see what Bill has to say about some crazy topics that blow up during the week).
And the panel is always , a different experience. Sometimes its fun and enlightening, sometimes its agitating, sometimes it borders on boring. But I enjoy it anyway.

Last night however, I am not sure what to make of the panel, of what I heard, of frankly, their positions. There was a lot of talk on the topic of climate change. And while all 3 panel members seemed to have some good (progressive) ideas, there was also, many that led the other way.
And there was a noticeable  variation, in terms of acceptance of  climate change between the members. I do not recall if any were flat out denialists, but at least one acknowledged it, but dismissed human activity as a major cause. And one seemed to take the position that is “No matter what we do, China and India are going to take us over 500 part per million, 600 parts per million, so to hell with it”.

And I heard many times, talk about “clean coal” from many of the panelists. Which is, on one hand, not surprising. But it surprised me that Bill did not add more fuel to that fire (pardon the pun), and call bullshit on the whole concept of “clean” coal.

ITS COAL! Its still burning up fossil fuels needlessly, no matter what happens to the emissions.

I was not able to access overtime last night, so I viewed it today, just before writing this piece. And it just made things, more murky. With all 3 panelists showcasing some good ideas, but seemingly countering them with, stupid ones. The debate for a few minutes even turned toward abortion, after one of the panelists debated Bill on when one can consider an embryo, a human life.

While certainly not the WORST panel ever, and definitely not the best, this one was, interesting.

Way to mix it up Bill. By mind fucking your audience lol.

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