Am I Offended? Naw

Am I Offended? Naw

I came across this today on Facebook (where else).

If I were to share my true opinion on the subject, I would have to say, that I could care less.

I do not see anything offensive. All I see is a big metal t. The fact that Christians see a giant cross is kind of silly (on par with jesus on the dogs ass ), but its not offensive to me.

The argument could be made, that if a symbol of Christianity was going to be allowed on site, then other faiths and groups that lost members should also be allowed to erect their own memorials. But it still remains, that it is just a metal t. There is nothing inherently “religious” about it.

It could also be said, that the presence of such a symbol might be considered offensive to some (presumably Atheists). And those people may have a point, to. But to them, I say, that there are religious symbols EVERYWHERE. No matter where you live, you will see religious billboards and churches. And just regular billboards to.

I do not necessarily like looking at any of the above either. But I just ignore them.

I am not going to defend the placement of this “t” at the World Trade Center memorial site. I am not going to advocate the removal of the “t”. Truth be told, I could care care less.

But I have to say to the Atheists that are protesting this, that they are not doing anything for the image of Atheism in America.

3 thoughts on “Am I Offended? Naw

  1. When you say that you could care less you are saying that you actually care about the issue to some level or degree.
    If you really do not care then the correct phrase is “I could NOT care less”.
    Words matter.


    1. To be writing about this, shows that I care to a degree. No shit. But I only care enough, to point it out as a non issue to me.

      How I word it is my choice. So take your condesending attitude an shove it.

      Thanks for your imput 🙂 .


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