Bieber Strikes Again

As usual, just when it seems that Bieber has finally dropped out of the pop cultural news cycle of the modern age, he makes a comeback. And with quite a bang, to.

Now the outrage is over, racism on his part. First came the racist “music video”. Then the casual conversation between friends. With some apparently egging him on, and one trying to steer him in the right direction.

All I will say for this is, really, big surprise.

Imagine that, someone who has become known for pandering to the pop culture news cycle of the modern age (both willingly AND unwillingly), ends up gaining more notoriety, this time by upping the ante. And as the rest of the world reacts by wagging our collective fingers, or thinking collectively to ourselves “What a douche”, the guy gets to ride the wave of notoriety, with all the spoils that come with it.

I would be very surprised if the guy is REALLY as racially biased as these videos suggest. They seem like something that was leaked, and as such, is being taken out of context (was he joking?).

Either way, the fact that he would allow it to be filmed, says something. If he has not figured out by now that there is a risk to having these kind of videos even in existence, then he is an idiot.

But then again, so is the public. Even if this turns out to be a leak out of Bieber’s control (yeah . . .), in the end, it can only be a benefit to him.

If people just ignored him (and everyone else like him!), these people would stay outside of the lense of the public spotlight. Where they belong.

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