The Pleasures Of A Power Failure




It is not often that you get to see the skyline of Manhattan highlighted by the glow of only moon light. But it is quite the spectacle to see. In comparison to normality.





Most people living in North America (or anywhere on earth) where the weather can get rough, have likely been though a power failure. Anyone who finds themselves in that situation, quickly realizes how much they take this free flowing source of energy for granted.

Depending on the situation you are in during the blackout, the failure can be very, inconvenient. For example, in a work environment,  the ramifications could be chaotic. And at home, it could be very annoying. And a failure with any amount of longevity could pose its own set of problems, no matter what the time of year.

But, when it comes to those short outages (a few minutes to a few hours during a storm, that sort of thing), One should try and look beyond what is lost, and look at what is revealed.

For example, my (and arguably, everybody’s) home is a beehive of blinking lights and background noise, even when everything is switched off at bed time. Cable boxes, modems, routers all casting their lights 24/7. Then there are your noise generators, such as your refrigerator (air conditioner/heaters) and white noise generators (in my case, a fan).

When the lights go out, all you have is, silence. No blinking lights to distract you. No noises to grab your attention. Just, nothing.

And if you step outside, you may see things in a whole new light as well.

Many of us, especially city dwellers, rarely take the time and look upward, and watch the night sky. This is understandable most of the time, as the lights of the city obliterate much of the observable stars. Though a blackout is a definite inconvenience, it can also be a treat. How often can actually see many stars, in the heart of a sprawling Urban area?

This post does not just extend to power outages, but really, any uncontrollable aspect of life that could be considered a nuisance. For example, rain is a common one for many people. Though I like it, in comparison to the hot dry sunburning heat of a hot day.

Life has its sunny days. Life has its bleak and cloudy days.

You can embrace the negative,   and be irritated. Or you can embrace the positive, and see what the bleakness reveals.

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