Sherlock Vs. Elementary

Normally I don’t rate, compare or otherwise give any positive attention to matter of pop culture, but I will make an exception, because of my fondness of some of the recent adaptions of Sherlock Holmes.

First of all, the movies of recent (game of shadows, forgot the other) were enjoyable.

Most recently, I found myself getting into the BBC adaption of the series. Intelligent, witty and humorous, it hit all of the right notes for me. And if there is one show that knows how to leave its audience hanging after the finale, its Sherlock.

Which brings me to the US adaption, Elementary.

Though a friend recommended it over 6 months ago, I didn’t get to watch it for the first time until tonight. And I have to admit, I was not impressed.

Turning John Watson into Joan Watson was the first turn off (“awe, they’re gonna fall in love!”. Could you be any more cookie cutter and predictable?!).
But I decided to put that aside and give it a chance (maybe the plot and the characters will make it worth while).

Yeah . . . . No.

Despite being a “Sherlock Holmes” adaption, it did not FEEL like it was, “worthy”. The crime was, simple run of the mill crap that we have all seen 1000 times on CSI or Law and Order. The cast of characters around Sherlock was just, underwhelming in their performance.
And worst of all, was the character of Sherlock Holmes. A character that I have always associated with wit and intellect, displays neither.

To be honest, I was not surprised. Though I seen the US version of “Death at a Funeral” before the UK one, I still liked it more.

But thats it for that critique of pop culture, possibly the last.

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