Isreal Vs Palistine – Caught Between Hamas And The Iron Dome

This is war that has been going on, for all intents and purposes, forever. Certainly as long as I have been alive. But like many other things, it has traditionally been on the back burner. Not making the mainstream western news networks but for very prominent news pieces (like the democratic election of Hamas by the people of Palestine). But this has been changing as of late.

First it was peace talks between the 2 territories breaking down back in April. Then the kidnap and murder of 3 Israeli teens, which was followed by the subsequent kidnapping and murder of a Palestinian teen. Though neither crime was driven by state political officials as far as I know (Hamas or the Israeli government), conflict has still increased. Presumably it started with the Palestinians (which prompted a swift reaction on the part of Israel), but I will not lean in either direction, as I can not say for sure.

What I do know is that, with the war in its current form, no one is winning (especially not the Palestinians).

Israel has been nailed at least a couple of times by rockets fired from the region of Gaza and most recently, Lebanon. But they have been well protected due to the their “Iron Dame” missile defense system. Unlike the situation in Palestine, where residents have almost no protection from the Israeli retaliatory attacks.
And judging by footage from such news sources as Al Jazeera English, RT and Vice, the civilian casualties are mounting. Attacks that are apparently supposed to be aimed at Hamas leaders and strongholds, are garnering a whole lot of collateral damage. Families torn apart.

Though I do not want to pick a side (having little knowledge on the areas demographics or the political make up), I will say, that Israel seems to be making the same mistake that the United States is with their “targeted” drone attacks. Israel MAY be crippling Hamas, just as the US may be crippling Al Qaeda . But there is no doubt that the action is planting the seeds of hate, especially in children.
It does not matter if it is an irrational hatred, or a hatred prayed upon by the hostile forces in the area for their benefit (terrorism? bigger member numbers?), its all the same in the end. A prophecy is not a prophecy, unless it is fulfilled.

Political affiliations aside, it is the civilians that I feel bad for. Those caught in the crossfire, in whatever geographically unstable region they reside in.

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