This Generation Needs A Marlyn Manson + Logic Applied to The Victoria Wilcher VS KFC Case (Yes, THIS Again)


I spent the last couple of hours watching a youtube play list of an assortment of interviews from an artist that I have always had respect for, Marilyn Manson. Some were older and from his heyday, and some were more recent. Some were familiar and old favorites (the Bill O’Rilley interview, the appearance on the Sharon Osbourne show, the “Bowling For Columbine” interview, “deeper then hell” CNN documentary), and many others were new to me. And some were just downright weird or awkward (anything involving Howard Stern LMAO. Imagine that).
I learned a whole lot about his personal philosophy and how he ticks. And I learned a whole lot of trivial crap with no purpose besides, OMG, IM SUCH A HUGE FAN!

After watching this, I realized that society (and entertainment) at this point, has a deep void. We have no Alice Coopers, Or Marlyn Manson’s.

Late last night, I found myself watching a video by a Youtuber named undertakerfreak1127.

I liked the video so much, that I decided to link it on facebook. The point (and hope) being that at least some of my facebook friends would watch it enough to learn the lesson being taught in the rant (STOP SHARING SHIT WITHOUT VERIFYING IT!!). The fellow covered about 90% of my entries in the 10 minutes of the video.
But I doubt many will bother clicking, let alone getting far enough in to be “offended ” by the content further into the video. Partially, because its not a vine that is easily consumed in 15 seconds or less. And partly because unlike myself, many can not look PAST someone being critical of them. But also, because of the title.

When it comes to the case of the “KFC discriminated family” VS KFC, the court of public opinion is for the most part, in the families favor. Before this whole thing blew up in the face of doubt, I could understand it. But not now.

Get rid of all emotional ties that this “poor” little girl may have invoked. This does not mean that her injuries can not shock or affect you, just separate THAT from your opinion of the case by acknowledging that her family is JUST as guilty as KFC is alleged to be, if they DID fake the whole incident.

The girl is but a pawn, no matter the answer. But with that behind us . . .

Lets apply logic, by considering a couple of things.

Who has more to lose from being the guilty party, or of being CAUGHT the guilty party in terms of public opinion?

1.) A company who’s various interests are dependent on good public image perception?


2.) Some no name family from some backwater city that only RECENTLY got into the limelight?

Then there is the “proof” argument. A source at or working for KFC has released (apparently) that they did an internal investigation, and found that as far as they can tell, the story is not true. They deduced that by finding out not only does the family in question not appear on any surveillance video from their stores NEAR the alleged location, but also that none of the items ordered by the family are recorded in ANY combination, by any of the restaurant computer systems.

Honestly, this is good enough for me. Normally I would need further “proof”, but in this case, the amount of damage caused by an exposed lie on the part of KFC in the pro-boycotting, idiotic, social media consumed public is all the leverage necessary. But that is not good enough, it seems, for many.

So let us again grab the Atheist Buzz word “Logic”, and run with it.

This story is viral. It is EVERYWHERE. I live in Manitoba, Canada, and it is (currently) right in my cross hairs. As such, EVERYONE is looking for new leads. Not only the restaurant that has a self interest in proving this incident being untrue, but also those with a bias against the company, industry or just corporate culture period. Not to mention, the news  media, big and small (everyone would LOVE to beat twitter in breaking the case).
If this whole “Viral” situation has not brought any staff or customers out of the woodwork, and the media has not been able to (even OFF the record!) get any “personal” takes from anyone involved, then at very least, something is fishy with the tale.
Consider that a media reporter was able to track down a customer of a “Waffle House” for a waitress that lost out on a substantial gratuity, due to the restaurant having a strict limit on gratuities (a MUST in an age of rampant credit fraud).

Then there is the “proof” aspect.

The prevailing argument of the pro-Victoria crowd (after being shown the above deduction), is that it is in the interest of KFC to suppress the incident internally (why would they release footage that is detrimental?). Which on one hand, is true.

But at the same time, its conspiracy theory “logic”. You really, can’t prove it either way.

If any average Joe in the  public wanted to see “proof” for themselves that the family was lying, then the best method would be access to the surveillance footage and restaurant order histories.

Think about that.

Most restaurants are open 16 hours a day (maybe even 24 hours). Many may have hundreds of orders in one SHIFT (let alone in an entire business day). There may be numerous easily accessible restaurants that the family in question could have been to.
If there was 5 restaurants in the immediate area, thats 80 hours (120 at 24 hours!). Easily thousands of food orders.
Stretch the time period to a week long (seems reasonable) and you have 400 hours of footage to sift though (600 at 24 hours!) and thousands (maybe even TENS of thousands) of orders.

Even if KFC DID release the footage, and even at working barley part time weekly, I do not have the time (let alone the patients) to search all of that.

It reminds me of these people that still believe in 9/11 conspiracies today. Wikileaks made waves by releasing THOUSANDS of top secret and incriminating documents. Yet documents pertaining to what would be one of the biggest cover ups EVER, are noticeable in their absence.

When there is a void of information, contrary to what many may think, it is NOT logical to just fill in the blanks. For “truthers” and for pro-Victoria folks, you have to base your conclusion on who has the most to lose.

By this point, one may be wondering how this tangent ties into the original piece. It does, due to the tangent between much modern day “culture” (music, movies. tv shows etc) and behavior habits of the “masses”.

Something that I found myself thinking a few days ago, was how it seems that in todays world, not only is it no longer FROWNED UPON to be “stupid”, but it has become beneficial. It seems that the more intellectually retarded that one is, the further they can go. Now they are not just contained to a few idiotic reality shows. Youtube can make ANYONE a star. In the age where information is literally a mouse click or a button push away, the more ignorance, the higher the ratings and praise.

This is reflected, everywhere. The so called “big 4” networks in terms of programming (CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox), churn out endlessly mediocre garbage. Much of the other specialty networks that used to be at least “semi-educational”, now have doubled down on reality TV shows. Some like Discovery have at least stayed within the scope of their network with shows like “Black Gold”, while others like TLC have completely sold out with such material as “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”.

Of the 3 shows that I love the most (Sherlock, Luther and Breaking Bad), 2 originate on a BRITISH Network (BBC).

Movies, are hit and miss.

But the music, uh. HERE is the elephant in the room, the MUSIC. Today, I can not STAND to listen to a “new” music station, because of the repetitiveness. Hell, sometimes I wish I could wear earplugs doing my job, due to having to hear it constantly piped into my work area (usually the same few songs to).

Looking at the music scene, it seems it is all, mindless blah. If the lyrics are not just  gibberish to a PAINFULLY catchy background beat (“Hello!”. You know the song), its about some mindless subject matter or other. Certainly nothing like the album that happened to start playing (Minutes To Midnight – Linkin Park ) on my random RhythmBox playlist (its basically the Windows Media Player of Ubuntu).

Looking at the media of the day, it is certainly not designed to intellectually challenge you. If anything, the best use that it has, is filler. Endless filler and short term stimulation, for the logically inept and visually addicted.

This situation has been slowly rearing its head. My generation did not really grow up with the ultra “connected” nature that the world has today (many of my classmates shared a single family DESKTOP computer with the rest of the family, and utilized such mediums as MSN Messenger or landlines  for conversations. Remember those days? FUCK I feel old 😦 ).

I grew up, before the cell phone (and in particular, the SMART PHONE) took off. In fact, all though my childhood (pretty much), I wanted a cell phone. And in my teen years, I wanted a Blackberry. Now a days the concept of owning a Blackberry is akin to wanting a nokia bar phone ,but back then (around grade 10) they were still something only owned by business men or prominent people.


Notice the “RIM” on this bad boy. Its so old and obsolete, that the company no longer exists. They didn’t go under, just adopted the name of their trademark device (Blackberry) in an attempt to save themselves from tanking totally. So far they have pulled though, albeit as a shadow of their former self. Only the future knows the end of the story (my personal “Death match” put them back in my good books, despite owning a device of their direct competitor).

Even though I grew up arguably “sheltered” technologically (my access to high speed internet was at the local library until grade 11), my peers were still, not as connected as today. Today, where in many cases, each family member has a laptop or tablet of their own. And each family member has a smart phone, which equates to a pipe of bandwidth that works EVERYWHERE.

Another  thing we didn’t have, was endless social media feeds that followed us everywhere we go. Sure, I remember having a myspace account, and having a piczo site (as well as Hi5, bebo, nexopia and a probably others I have long forgotten). But these were not all consuming, like facebook, twitter and others of today could be. You could sit at a table, and not have 1 or more people staring at a screen for the duration of the seating time.

When looking around the figureheads of popular culture today, there is nothing that could even remotely be considered as “controversial”. Oh yes, there are many celebrities of all types that use different kinds of controversy to boost careers. But I can not think of one, that forces you to question your culture.

Back in the day, I loved Marilyn Manson, because I was a young rebel Atheist, and his songs “spoke” to me. I loved ” The Fight Song ” for obvious reasons (its practically an Atheist anthem), and when I was really down, I liked ” In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death “. I was a youngster recovering from a nasty couple of years.

Today, I do not envy Manson as much for his musical talent (its good, but not as good as im NOW used to), but I love his philosophy. How his music, was almost a mirror or a snapshot, of the society of the time. All that was (and IS) wrong with American society, and arguably WESTERNIZED society, is immortalized in his songs.
What looked shocking and awful, was really a portrait of reality. Those that didn’t (or don’t) understand write it off as blasphemy (among other things). Those that DO understand, may not be willing to accept  the image that they see.

But love him or hate him, he was there, and prominently in the public eye for YEARS. The more hate that the “moral majority” spread surrounding him, the more attention that he got. The more attention he got, the more fans he gained. The more fans he gained, the more his voice weighed against all the negative societal influences coming at these kids (and people). And the more exposure to his affect, the more likley they will take (and KEEP TO!) a more “free thinking” approach to life.

The cultural landscape of today concerns me, because we don’t have anyone in a high profile position, actively questioning it. The big names of today’s content world have found a niche that is easy to fill and INSANELY profitable, so there is not much desire to change it. As a result, were bombarded with an endless stream of mindless crap from the typical sources of culture. And the newest one, the internet (and social media), only adds to the problem by not only streaming it ENDLESSLY, but into in tiny doses. So not only are we becoming less intelligent, were also seeing our attention spans dwindle.

At this time, when government distrust is at an all time high, when the earth is so polluted that our very EXISTENCE may soon be  threatened,  when the resources that have sustained us for the last few decades are running low, and otherwise when everything is ever so slowly, unraveling.

We need someone to cut though the bullshit, we need someone to grab our culture and rip it apart, and show the shallow thing that it is.

We NEED, a Marilyn Manson.

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