Discrimination Against Smokers? Your View


By now, all of us should know the risks of tobacco use. And the number of smokers is falling because of the efforts of these campaigns.
For me, this is a good thing. The less children sparking up, the less expensive smoking related problems our societies have to absorb.

But all in all, I still see it as a choice. Like any other drug or unhealthy habit/addiction, one should have the choice to partake in whatever they choose. Its your body, so as an adult, you are in control (or should be).

Granted, I also believe that such people should pay for the risks associated with their vices (health problems equal higher health costs for everyone, so make these costs apparent on the products themselves).
This is a VERY controversial idea for many reasons, I know.

However, smokers pay higher premiums on life insurance for a reason. If one segment of the populations willful habits make that group more susceptible to illness then the others (and as such, they will require more care then the rest of the population), then it seems fair that they pay more, to even out the difference.
Another argument against this is that it will unfairly target “casual” users. Maybe. But after awhile, if I have a hankering for alcohol/tobacco/fast food, the price will be irrelevant.
Most people do not look to save money on an “indulgence” (I certainly don’t. Unless I have a coupon lol).

Today I was watching MSNBC, and there was an interview with an employer (a healthcare group or a hospital I believe) that actively disallows its employees to smoke.

Actually, I should clarify, that I am unaware of the status in terms of current employees (I would assume they are forbade to smoke). What I heard, more concerns the new hires.

As a part of the “major” drug test, nicotine is tested for along with all the other common drugs. You have to be on a smoking cessation program, in order to “pass”.
If you do not inform them of the smoking habit, or your bodily nicotine levels exceed a certain threshold, you will not be hired. The “threshold” im assuming is to weed out the liars who claim to be on cessation programs but are not. However, how reliable the nicotine levels in the body are in determining this, is for me, questionable.

This seems, to me, to be unnecessarily discriminatory. But that is just my opinion.

If your reading this, whats yours?


3 thoughts on “Discrimination Against Smokers? Your View

  1. Well I smoked twenty a day for twenty years and haven’t had one in five years. I’m the happiest I could ever be to be free of it. My views are exactly the same as they were when I smoked though. It’s a right to smoke, it is not a right to blow said smoke all over another human being unless they say that it is ok to do so. I know people who have died from passive smoking. It’s a reality. Also, I have friends who bronchial problems, emphysema etc, they should be allowed to work, eat, drink and walk down the street without having some poisonous gas shoved up their nose. They are made to feel impolite if they ask someone to blow smoke in another direction, or refrain from doing so close by to them. I’ve seen people lose their rags when as a smoker, they’re being given a ride home and the driver asks them not to smoke in the car. This is entirely beyond me. When people demand rights they need to be the ones making sure they aren’t harming the health of others in the process because that is phenomenally selfish. The whole “no one tells ME what to do with my own body ” chant/rant. As I say, absolutely fair enough that, as long as you leave everyone else alone. I was as polite as I could be when I smoked and took into account other peoples feelings. In return they were polite and grateful. It’s as simple as that for me.


    1. Agreed, smokers can do what they do, within reason. But I also agree that there “right” does not extend to another person’s car, house or other property.

      One hopes they smoke responsibly on patios and such, but that tends to be, based on the individual.
      I think we have a patio smoking ban here. Which is fine by me really (eliminates the need for people to “behave” properly).

      I remember one problem I had with an old employer, with smoke breaks. It seemed that the smokers were allowed many breaks in a shift, but it didn’t extend to anyone else.

      I know people didn’t agree, but for me, smoke breaks should happen during lunch/coffee breaks.
      To me, it was just as silly as allowing a beer or heroin break.

      I don’t care if your addiction makes you “need” a fix.


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