How To Complain To A Business

I enjoy using TYT (and a few shows in the TYT Network) as one of the sources for my daily fix of world news information, but as with most situations, I do not always agree with the opinions of the shows anchors. This  is another of those times (2ed time today).

According to the story, a man and his daughters were removed from a flight due to, a tweet.

I guess the man had paid for some form of first class status and as such got to board the plane before the rest of the passengers. But his children did not also have that first class status, so the check in clerk did not allow them to board. One could call the situation, stupid. But it looks like the clerk/ticket agent was just following company procedure. Dad paid extra for himself, but its not her (ticket agent)’s fault that he apparently expected a freebie for both his kids.

Either way, I guess a disagreement between the dad and the ticket agent occurred. It is not clear what occurred between the 2, or if the children were granted access, but it ended in the father sending out a negative tweet about the airline when he had boarded the plane. Something he had warned the clerk/ticket agent was going to do (after their tussle).

The story made the news, after him and his children were removed from the plane and not allowed to re board until the father had deleted the tweet he had sent. And I can see why that would raise concerns for many. Its an attack on free speech.

One thing that the TYT personalities seem to overlook however, is the fact that the name of the employee was used in the fathers tweet. That strikes me as a wrongful move.

If I have a complaint about a business or an employee therein, I contact the management of the business. Usually there is a survey, phone number, website, comment card or some other way to tell a business what you thought of the service you experienced. Their livelihood depends on your $$, so they want to know what you think (especially problems. They won’t be fixed if no one knows about them). Often times, this will correct the problem. And if it does not, then bring your money somewhere else.

Do not use social media to air your grievances.

For one thing, depending on the situation, you have to be careful not to cross the line of libel, or you could find yourself in legal hot water. Plus social media “complaints” are often times written from a singular prospective. People can not escape their own prospective (see the situation though the company or employee’s eyes), so they will see themselves in the right no matter what. Also some people have a tendency to embellish the story to make them look better then they were in reality.

I know this, because I have worked in the service industry and seen these tactics employed by people on numerous occasions. And I know, because I have heard many biased stories from people I know, and read many biased posts online.
When I look for reviews, I never look for the outliers (extreme love or hate). Both have potential agendas of dishonesty. I look more, for the middle of the road, prevailing opinion.
If a forum contains 2 or 3 nasty reviews of a place, but 20 or more mid range reviews, you can come up with a fair assessment. Just as if a forum contains 4 overly excellent reviews of a place but many not so much, you can make a good judgment there to. For more clarity, use more then one forum.

Either way, I am not faulting the customer in the story above, for complaining. Even if complaining direct to the airline would have been the route I would have taken, twitter works. But he should not have used the employees name. In that sense, I don’t blame airline officials for forcing its removal.

The TYT crew downplay the “safety issue” presented from the tweet, and I have to agree, to a point. I do not believe that the tweet put the women in danger. But I do think that it could have resulted in unnecessary conflict from future passengers.

Stories that have gone viral on social media have caused masses of people to all all sorts of seemingly stupid things on account of information slivers. The Jacksonville Incident is the latest, but far from the only one. Consider the whole Hawthorn California situation. People world wide phoned in and sent all kinds of threats to the police department (even DEATH threats).

Though such a reaction in this case is hardly plausible, there is more, the future passengers who will read the slanted version of the angry customers tale, and then be a potential nuisance, based on that alone. Some may say that is paranoid. But knowing what I know about the pseudo-ethics of many, I would not put it past some.

I enjoy the TYT network for its progressive views on many subjects, including the news of the day. But when it comes to people in general, they tend to be quick to issue a free pass, without giving it much thought.
It is fine to see the best in people. But it is also important to note that some people see nothing wrong with taking advantage of those with good intentions.
I did not  learn to  approach each and every situation in life with skepticism and misanthropy just because I am an untrusting person. I learned to approach life this way, because experience taught me to be this way.

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