Is it just me, or has there been a spike in spam from Asian sources in the last few days?

No, this is not a jab at a popular blogger here in the wordpress community. More, an observation of my spam queue. Normally a couple every week or so, now 8 in the last 2 days (on mostly the same entries).

I have to also say that, I am amazed that Spam (as pictured above), still sells to this day. I don’t care if it comes in 10 delicious flavors.


3 thoughts on “Spam

  1. That made me laugh, and I’m sure he will laugh too.

    I don’t get any spam at all on here, perhaps that is due to very low traffic as I don’t promote my blog and haven’t got it on google search etc. So I am of no use other than to thank you for the smile, and agree and second heartily your Eeeeeuwww re Spam. Bleagh.

    Unless you mean email generally, which has just occurred to me. In which case, I’ve not noticed at present, but I don’t check my spam as often as I should.
    – sonmicloud


    1. Nope, I mean here 🙂 . If email spam has been one thing, it is a consistent pain in the backside (in terms of quantity anyway) though out all my years of using it.

      As for OM, I felt the need to throw that in, since we don’t exactly get along.

      But I still read his stuff out of interest. Sometimes throw in a comment, to rock the boat.

      Life is boring when one surrounds themselves with only like-minded individuals.


      1. I agree, I simply couldn’t take the amount of content. It was too much and I am a solitary one at times. I also found that his followers are such a loyal band, they kind of put me off disagreeing as there tends to be a protective pack element in such cases. I disagreed with him often, but also liked him and agreed sometimes too. It was all just too much and too big in the end.
        But that’s how I found you, on there, another voice in the wilderness that I cottoned on to. 🙂

        – sonmicloud.


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