Listening To Myself

I often catch flack for being close minded when it comes to newer media. And given further examination, I guess I am.

When The Hangover III came out, I said that I would not bother seeing it. Same with Fast 6. As with I can imagine, a host of other movies.
I have seen past entries of both franchises, but figured that enough is enough.
One is the great one. Two is the sequel that ties off the ends of 1, but is not as good. 3 and on is just a cash grab.

The Hangover proved to be, very much in alignment with this observation of mine. One was memorable (for a modern film, thats a lot coming from me). 2 had its moments, but it was fast becoming dried up.

And 3 was horrible.

I forced myself though it in its entirety, but I don’t think I have EVER seen such an unfunny funny movie in my life.
Sure, there was the odd funny moment. But they were VERY few and far in between (if I used real life distances to measure, there would be a space the equivalent that separating the cities of LA and LV between them).

Long story short, maybe there is a reason why I doubt myself so much.

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