I have written about the stupidity of people, many times. I have written mostly about social media oriented “scams” (crowd funding, abuse of services like patreon etc). But I never wrote about any of the more “classic” scams, because I didn’t see the need. Yet apparently, its still a problem.

I know very little about the case as presented in the forum post above. I can only assume that the person found the unnamed organization VIA a google search.

Either way, the scam should have been apparent right from the get go. Seriously! Its the oldest scam there is, only with a different wording.

The nigerian prince scam dates back to the days of the chain letter. It changed mediums to email, when that became the dominant (and extremely efficient) means of communication. And now, its showing up on social media.
Again, not the case as illustrated above, but the framework is the same.

It starts with an approach, with an offer of a large sum of money. Sometimes for an “inheritance”, in the case above, for a loan. However, you must wire or send (in advance) some sort of fee up front, to “secure” your access to the money.

That is the last you see of it.

The fact that this does not stick out to people, still amazes me. Shady or unknown person asks for an ” upfront fee” for a windfall (or loan!) you would not otherwise be eligible for, your likely getting duped .

When it comes to your hard earned cash, ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS! Any reputable person, will not be afraid to fully explain everything.

For those that get the network CNBC, I recomend you watch the show American Greed. Watch it a few times. When you do, you will begin to see a pattern in the way many of the crimes depicted are pulled off. Thus making the signs easier to spot in real life.

Being a trusting person is fine, but its overrated in the days of the internet. Its better to be paranoid, then a sucker.

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