Patriotism Scam – Open Your Eyes

Here we have a story from TYT, about the charity known as “Move America Forward”. The purpose of this charity, is apparently to help “the troops”. Though it is unclear HOW they do it (short of sending care packages and being Grateful).

But despite this, the whole patriotism Support Our Troops thing works, by attracting all kinds of investors. From big name conservative talk show hosts, to former presidents, to big names in rock and roll, many can not resist opening up their wallets to help the troops.
And with all of these big names as part of the charity’s publicity, everyday conservatives everywhere, also can not help but to open up their wallets in droves.

Well long story short, when reporters even dare to scratch the surface of the charity’s facade, they find interesting things.
An email campaign from last December containing a heroic story of a former soldier, was used without said persons permission (and he was not even in anyway compensated. Not even a care basket). And pictures used by the organization as to show its current programs, turn out to be either photos from past years or stolen.

$$ The Money $$

What was used for Charitable Purposes is unclear. But what was used for OTHER purposes, is clear from tax records.

At least 2 million of the donations went into a firm of a person close to the managers of the charity, for the purposes of Advertising. Though its unclear wether or not there were any ads run for the charity.

And there were a number of donations to, pro-republican organizations and super pacs. So anyone donating to the charity, appears to have been helping the republican party, as opposed to the troops.

Do your research. Don’t be blind sighted by emotion.

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