Rest In Peace Robin


Today on my coffee break, I learned VIA a breaking news alert, that one of my favourite actors passed away.

Robin has been one of my favourites for a long time. I remember him from the first movie I seen him in, which was Patch Adams. There are many others that I seen, but the movie that I most enjoyed his role in, was Insomnia.
The role (and the movie itself) was very dark, and somewhat out of character to the Robin Williams that most of us have come to love. Which is what made it great.

But it was not just his films I enjoyed. A few months back, I happened across one of his standup routines (Weapons Of Self Destruction).
Though leery to watch at first (knowing his silly public persona), I was quite impressed at his intellect. And his knowledge of current events.

The world lost an icon today.

May he rest in peace. And all the best to his wife, family and friends in this time of pain.

2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Robin

  1. It’s heartbreaking. Mork was one of my favourites, and then I watched every TV stand up he performed and almost all his films too. An incredibly talented, kind man. 63 is no age, I feel for his wife and children, and him too. Depression is so hard. A sad, sad loss.


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