People – Stop Being Generous To A Fault

Recently we seen another viral heart break story spreading around the web again. This time about a young man who became the victim of his families extreme prejudice towards homosexuality.

I seen the video. And it did bother me. Of course.

But this is, the tip of the ice berg. This young mans video went viral after Dan Savage shone a light to it. But this happens VERY often, and more often then not, the incidents are not recorded.

Good on the generous to donate money, to try and help this fellow get onto a better footing.
But at the same time, giving money to ONE PERSON, is not helping the rest. If you want to be charitable, donate to a charity that helps people stuck in (or coming out) of such situations.

And as usual, STOP DONATING TO CAUSES BLINDLY. This story had not been making the rounds a day, and already there were thousands allocated to the fellow.

That is not charity, it is reactionary stupidity. This guys story seems legitimate SO FAR, but many are not.

So for the MILLIONTH time, stop being a chump for those that recognize an easy way to make a buck.

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